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Forest and Landscape

Do you want to be able to influence the future development of forest and landscape? This new programme takes a holistic approach to the forest and its importance to society, through a combination of different perspectives on the environment and economy, management and care, urban and rural areas.


The programme will give you sustainable knowledge about forests and landscapes. You will also take courses on urban forests, communication and social ecology, as well as basic courses in forest science which investigate the conditions and potential of forests and how they are managed. The programme is provided at SLU’s campus in Alnarp, 10 kilometres from Malmö. Tuition is in English and the programme has an international perspective. There are also opportunities to study abroad. Graduates will be able to work as a specialist or advisor at a government authority, municipality, forestry company or in nature tourism. You can also continue your studies on one of our Master’s programmes.

SLU actively promotes a healthy work and study environment and equal opportunities. SLU’s profile is focused on the understanding of biological natural resources and challenges to society such as the supply of raw materials, water and energy, and climate change, and are linked to our areas of responsibility. These challenges, and humankind’s use and management of biological natural resources, are also the subject of the UN goals for sustainable development.


Tuition fee, first semester: SEK 67 800
Tuition fee, total: SEK 406 800
Name: Forest and Landscape (BSc)
Next start: autumn semester 2021
Study location: Alnarp
Programme scope: 3 year, 180 credits
Language: English
Level: Bachelor
Pace of study: Full-time
Teaching form: Normal teaching
Number of admission places: 30
Application code for international students: 91001
Application code for Swedish students: 91003
Application deadline for international students: 1/15/2021
Application deadline for Swedish students: 4/15/2021
Selection: Grades (2/3) and Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (SweSAT)/Högskoleprov (1/3)
Degree: The programme Forest and Landscape (BSc) leads to a Degree of Bachelor of Science, which is a general qualification. Other general qualificatons may be awarded, provided that the requirements for them are fulfilled (see SLU's system of qualifications), further information is availabel under Additional information, Possibilities for further study. Students who fulfill the qualification requirements for a Degree of Bachelor will, upon request, be issued a degree certificate. The degree certificate will specify the qualifications as Degree of Bachelor of Science with a Major in Landscape Architecture or Degree of Bachelor of Science with a Major in Forestry Science.
General entry requirements for first-cycle studies and

- Mathematics 2a or Mathematics 2b eller Mathematics 2c
- Science Studies 2*
- Social Studies 1b or Social Studies 1a1 + 1a2

* Biology 1 + Physics 1a (eller Physics 1b1 + 1b2) + Chemistry 1 replace Science Studies 2


- Mathematics B
- Science Studies B*
- Social Studies A

* Biology A + Chemistry A + Physics A replace Science Studies B

(Field-specific entry requirements A14/15).

In additions, English B or equivalent is required. As the language of instructions is English, the Swedish language general entry requirement may not apply.

The specific entry requirements can also be met by those who have obtained equivalent knowledge from the current or a former Swedish national curriculum. The requirements are also fulfilled if equivalanet knowledge has been obtained by other means.

For admission to the courses included in the programme, there are specific entry requirements for each course; these are described in the course syllabus.

Here you will find more information about compensations options for Biology and Science Studies B/2 (only in Swedish)


Forest and Landscape Management focus on various aspects of forest and landscape management through an integrated forested landscape approach, addressing many of the societal challenges. The programme starts with focus on fundamentals of natural and social sciences, aiming to create a strong foundation for further studies. In the second half of the 1st year, courses create a firm base in forest and landscape ecology and management disciplines. The 2nd year focuses on understanding the myriad of interacting human and natural processes over a continuum of spatial and temporal scales. Interdisciplinary courses are given on how to incorporate such complexity in practical planning and management. The 3rd year gives students the opportunity to focus deeply in management of forests or other landscape types, depending on the choice of field specialisation. Students will be able to choose one of the main fields of study, landscape architecture or forestry science, for their degree project.

Through study visits, guest lecturers and business- and industry-oriented projects, studies are tied in with professional life, business and industry and the surrounding society. The degree project offers students the option of specialising in a particular subject by applying their knowledge, skills and approach in their chosen main field of study.

Students will have the option to take courses outside the proposed schedule, at SLU or another university in Sweden or abroad. There are good opportunities for exchange studies at one of SLU’s partner universities such as Wageningen University and Research (WUR) in the Netherlands. WUR offers courses in forest governance, which focuses on complex  social relations often engaging different public and private actors to address key forest-related issues with the management, use and conservation of forest resources.

The programme is taught in English. This, together with the content and perspective of individual courses, contributes to internationalisation at home.

Program overview

Year 1
Trees, structure and function, Analysis of forested landscape, Forest and landscape ecology, Forest management methods

Year 2 (preliminary course titles)
Vegetation design, Tree health and genetics, Forest and landscape governance, Management tools, Conflict resolution and environmental communication, Forest and landscape management strategies

Year 3 (preliminary course titles)
Forest management under global change, Nature conservations under global change, Ecosystem services and functions under global change, Bachelor thesis in forest science, Bachelor thesis in landscape architecture


Forest and Landscape Management graduates will be very competitive in the dynamic and changing job market. Graduates of F&L will work as foresters, planners, managers and advisors for local and national governments, NGOs, multilaterals and private companies.

Students sitting on stone wall, photo.

Campus Alnarp

Campus Alnarp is located in a large park surrounded by agricultural fields close to the sea between Malmö and Lund in southern Sweden. There is so much for students to explore here. Apart from all the activities on campus, you will also have access to the cities of Malmö, Lund and Copenhagen. Campus Alnarp’s study programmes focus on landscaping, horticulture, and agriculture and silviculture in southern Sweden. The campus has computer rooms, a restaurant, café, landscaping and horticultural laboratories, and a library with thousands of digital journals, databases and three kilometres of printed materials. The student unions organise many activities, ranging from weekly coffee-drinking get-togethers to comedy sketches and proms. 


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