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Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation

Urbanisation poses major challenges for the development of urban and rural landscapes, and how they are planned, designed and managed for future generations.


The Master's programme is located at SLU's campus in Uppsala, one of Sweden's oldest university cities and close to Sweden's capital, Stockholm. It is primarily for those who are interested in sustainable urban-rural perspectives, who are problem solving-oriented and who want to deepen their knowledge of and skills in the field of landscape architecture's more large-scale developments.

Theoretical and practical components prepare you and equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop creative and current theoretical knowledge and positions. Real-life project assignments are obtained mainly from Sweden and the region, but contents of theory and method are international and current in character. Study trips in Europe occur and courses are taught in English.

The programme leads to a Master's degree in landscape architecture and makes use of courses, resources and development opportunities available on the SLU campus. First and foremost, you are studying with students on the Landscape Architect professional programme offered by the Department of Urban and Rural Development. There is also the possibility to study courses at SLU's campus Alnarp in southern Sweden, including the Master's programme in Landscape Architecure. The two programmes are strategically located in two of Sweden's most vital and expansive regions, and together they represent Europe's largest combined concentration of educational competence in landscape architecture.

The UN sustainable development goals in our teaching

Programmes at SLU generate knowledge which contributes to the goals for sustainable development, both in Sweden and internationally. 


Tuition fee, first semester: SEK 90 000
Tuition fee, total: SEK 360 000
Name: Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation - master´s programme
Next start: autumn semester 2021
Study location: Uppsala
Programme scope: 2 year, 120 credits
Language: English
Level: Master
Pace of study: Full-time
Teaching form: Normal teaching
Number of admission places: 15
Application code for international students: 81049
Application code for Swedish students: 81048
Application deadline for international students: 1/15/2021
Application deadline for Swedish students: 4/15/2021
Degree: Degree of Master of Science with a major in Landscape Architecture
To be eligible for the Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation - Master’s programme, the requirements are a Bachelor´s degree (undergraduate cycle) corresponding to a minimum of 180 credits, including 90 credits specialisation in one of the following subjects/educational areas:

• Architecture
• Landscape Architecture
• Landscape Planning
• Built Environment*
• Design*
• Spatial Planning*
• Geography*
• Landscape Science*
• Environmental Science*
• Civil Engineering*

For subjects/teaching areas marked * a portfolio must also be submitted.

The submitted portfolio will be assessed according to the following criteria:

‐ Relevance to the subject area – has the student worked on issues within landscape architecture?
‐ Level of knowledge – has the student formulated the task in a relevant theoretical context?
‐ Skills – has the student demonstrated an ability to formulate the task in a comprehensible way in text or pictures?

If the portfolio meets the above criteria, the applicant is deemed as qualified, and is considered to have the ability to profit by the education. The assessment of the portfolio is made by the Programme board for educations within landscape and horticulture.

Alternatively, one of the following professional degrees must have been obtained:
‐ Degree of Master of Science in Landscape Architecture, Degree of Master of Science in Architecture or Degree of Bachelor of Science in Landscape Construction and Management.

The requirements for special eligibility as stated above can also be fulfilled by those who have equivalent knowledge through a foreign degree or if equivalent knowledge has been obtained in another way.

In addition, knowledge corresponding to English 6 (Swedish secondary school) is required. This is according to a local SLU decision fulfilled by those who have a degree comprising at least 180 credits at first cycle level from a Swedish higher educational institute or 120 credits completed studies at SLU. English 6 can also be achieved in other ways, which are specified at universityadmissions.se.

For admission to the courses included in the program, the requirements for special qualifications are stated in the syllabus for each individual course.

Note: For subjects/teaching areas marked *, a portfolio must also be submitted.

Portfolio instructions for applying to the Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation – Master’s Programme

A portfolio is a collection of samples from projects, assignments or other work that have been carried out during previous education or previous professional activity. The submitted portfolio should include examples from three (3) projects or assignments that illustrate, in both text and images, the student’s ability to plan or design a landscape or an environment. The balance between amount of text and images depend on the treated subject. The text must be correctly referenced and reflect the student’s choice as well as his/her relation to the illustrated landscape.

A jury assigned by SLU will evaluate the portfolio according to following aspects:

  • Relevance of the treated subject – has the student worked with questions relevant for landscape architecture?
  • Level of knowledge – has the student handled the subject in a relevant theoretical context?
  • The skill of the work – has the student presented an ability to handle the project or assignment in words as well as visually?

The University’s evaluation of the submitted portfolio will, apart from the formal application, be the decision basis on whether the student can be accepted to the programme or not. The students will not receive comments on submitted portfolios.

Portfolio format:

  • Maximum of 12 pages
  • Either in A4 or A3 format
  • Saved as a PDF document (max 60MB)
  • The portfolio must be anonymous

The portfolio, including the presented projects/assignments within the portfolio, must be anonymous. Write only your application number from universityadmissions.se or antagning.se in the portfolio.

The portfolio should be submitted in an e-mail as a PDF-file to the e-mail address: PortfolioLASU@slu.se

Name the PDF-file “Portfolio_LASU_x.pdf” (x = your application number). In the e-mail you write both your name and application number. Write in the e-mail’s subject field: Portfolio LASU

Please note:

That you, international students, should also apply to the programme at www.universityadmissions.se

The last day for application is 15th of January 2021.

The last day for submitting the portfolio is the 1st of February 2021.

Welcome with your application to the Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation - Master’s programme in Uppsala!


This  Master's programme includes courses in the history of landscape architecture, theory, methodology and interdisciplinary studio courses with landscape and urban development perspectives, including those with an ecological focus and management of culturally valuable landscapes. The courses are led by researchers and teachers with solid professional experience based on current science, with an artistic foundation and proven experience. You will meet several professionals working with these issues.

You practise space and landscape analysis, develop previously acquired knowledge in digital visual presentation tools and deepen your ability to work in projects. You develop your analytical and creative abilities in real-life landscape projects focusing on a holistic perspective, and you have the opportunity to learn GIS and geographic analysis.

The open structure of the programme also enables individual study plans for those who wish to study other courses at SLU or other universities.


In combination with previous education, this programme provides a unique individual profile for future work on landscape and urban development issues in society. We are convinced that the sustainable society of the future needs people with landscaping skills and the ability to describe, analyse and propose complex spatial solutions. Depending on your country's professional certification guidelines, you may work in municipalities or consultancy companies. You will compete with landscape architects, architects and planners. The programme is also a good foundation for a future career in research.



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