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Nature and environment

Do you want to work with maintaining the biodiversity? Do you want to be a part in solving our environmental problems? Do you want to develop and  manage natural resources in Sweden? Are you interested in being a part of and shape our future environment both national and international? 

Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis

In this European Master's programme the students will learn to analyse and design policies targeted at food, agriculture and environmental sectors.


How can a European perspective contribute to better understanding and management of our environment?

Environmental Communication and Management

Communication plays an important role in the facilitation of sustainable management of natural resources and environmental issues. In the ECM program we learn how to understand communication processes, to create communicative strategies for environmental changes, organize collective action and mediate in environmental conflicts in a constructive way.

Management of fish and wildlife populations

Do you want to contribute to the sustainable management of the world’s fish and wildlife resources? The programme will prepare you for a career in the many governmental and non-governmental organizations involved!

Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being

This programme is designed for students who want to specialise in interactions between people and outdoor environments, with emphasis on effects on health and well-being. Such competence is applicable in planning, design and evaluation of everyday environments, health-care institutions etc.

Soil and Water Management

Soil and water management is of major concern at all levels of society from local authorities to international organisations. This Master’s degree will prepare you to work as a soil/water expert at public authorities at various levels, within consultancy or to continue a career within research.

Sustainable Development

Human activities affect and are affected by natural resources in many ways. Do you want to learn more about sustainable development in natural and social contexts?

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