An Giang, Vietnam

AgriFoSe2030 Workshop on Small-scale Aquaculture

This workshop aims to initiate a south-south-north exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience within the field of aquaculture beneficial for the smallholder aquaculture farmers in Africa and Southeast Asia.

During a five-day workshop and study visit based in Vietnam in January/February 2017, aquaculture specialists from Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand), Africa (Tanzania) and Sweden will meet and discuss the state of knowledge, challenges and opportunities for smallholder aquaculture farming in Africa and Southeast Asia. Visits will be made at fish and prawn farms and different integrated farms in Thailand, India, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The workshop targets what can be learnt of importance for the small-scale farmers in Southeast Asia and Africa. The aim is also to form the basis and plan for a “Farmers school” in the Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos region. The farmers school will be a facility where aquaculture farmers can come to get practical training on the daily farming work.

Time: 2017-02-06 00:00
City: An Giang, Vietnam


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