Working together for sustainable solutions in field crops and forests: plant breeding, plant protection and cropping system aspects on perennial plants

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Preliminary schedule:

Day 1:

12.00 Meeting for lunch
13.00 Introductory inspirational talks by invited speakers from SLU
14.00 Study visits – Cropping systems, plant breeding & plant protection in new perennial field crops & fika
16.00 Short presentations of the participants
16.30 Group discussion to collect research ideas on cropping systems design/assessment, plant breeding and plant protection regarding perennial field crops and trees:

Systems design and assessment of perennial plants for multifunctionality of arable cropping systems

  • Which services and disservices to expect from integrating perennial field crops and trees/bushes into arable cropping systems?
  • How to assess multiple services?

Plant breeding for cropping systems with perennial crops

  • Which traits will be important to breed for in future cropping systems involving perennial crops?
  • How can we use defence reactions in trees and field crops to improve their resistance?
  • How should we develop the cultivation systems to best make use of resistance traits?

Genetic aspects contrasting annual/biennial and perennial crops

  • How to best develop markers for perennial field crops and woody perennials such as Norway spruce?
  • How can we best set up phenotyping systems for annual and perennial plants?

18.00 Dinner & mingle

Day 2:

08.30 Group discussion
10.00 Study visit plant breeding & plant protection in woody perennials & lunch in the field
12.00 Summary – how will we continue?
14.00 Workshop ends

Time: 2018-09-20 12:00
City: Alnarp
Organiser: Platform Plant Breeding, Platform Plant Protection, Platform Cropping Systems
Additional info:

This workshop is for researchers, postdocs and PhD-students at SLU. Registration opens soon.

Kontakt: Katja Fedrowitz (katja.fedrowitz@slu.se)