9th One Health Sweden scientific meeting: The Many Faces of Zoonoses

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Welcome to the 9th One Health Sweden Scientific Meeting! The theme of this meeting is "The Many Faces of Zoonoses".

Time of the meeting: 26-27 March 2019, lunch to lunch

Venue: Loftet, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala

Preliminary program

Section 1: "Pets and zoonoses", 3 speakers, one international

Section 2: "AMR in the human, animal and environmental interface", 3 speakers, one international

Section 3: "Under the One Health umbrella", shorter oral general presentations from the conference participants based upon abstracts sent in by researchers in the global One Health community.

Abstracts and posters

Please send in your abstracts consisting of maximum 250 words and inform us if you are willing to give a short 10 minute presentation. Posters are of course always welcome. Among the abstracts indicating willingness to give oral presentations, the One Health Sweden steering group will chose some orals to be part of the conference program. There will also be a poster exhibition.

If you are interested in giving an oral presentation send your abstract no later than November 12th 2018 to Eva.Haxton@medsci.uu.se and Tanja.Strand@sva.se.

Information about conference registration will come later. For further information, contact Eva Haxton or Tanja Strand.


Time: 2019-03-26 - 2019-03-27
City: Uppsala