Terra Nova, Alnarp

Workshop Mapping the Alnarp Campus Outdoor Laboratories

There are development plans concerning the SLU Alnarp Campus area, with big changes being discussed, e.g. building a railway connection to Alnarp, and increasing the amount of housing and office space on the campus. At the same time there is a strong interest in developing the Landscape laboratory, the Rehabilitation garden, the plant collections and the whole Campus landscape and its green connections to the neighboring municipalities.

To make sure these two ongoing processes can find common ground, we arrange a workshop to help develop a comprehensive, easily available information regarding the Alnarp Campus Outdoor Laboratories (ACOL). ACOL is the abbreviation we use to refer to the whole campus outdoor area, i.e. not only the spaces that already have a formal laboratory status.

The questions that need to be answered include e.g.: What are the important spots at ACOL? How to make knowledge regarding ACOL more accessible to users? What information/data should be available? What do each of us need or wish to have for our own perusal? What geographically referenced information do we already have? What interactive interphases should we have in the form of maps? How to make data available according to the open data policy? How to present the administrative responsibilities and contact people?

The OUTCOME of the meeting will be fed into the Campus landscape plan and used to define the way forward to realize what is needed.

Time: 2019-06-11 12:30 - 16:15
City: Alnarp
Location: Terra Nova
Additional info:

Who should be involved:
Everyone having interest in or being curious about Alnarp campus and its development, and the facilities and open data at SLU.

How to register to the workshop? Please answer to
Please inform us of any food allergies or dietary requirements so we can prepare the practicalities.


SLU Landscape CFI Team ‘Green Collaborative Campus’


Draft Program:
12.30 Start with light sandwich and salad lunch
12.50 The aim of the day
13.00 Outdoor laboratories – why are they needed
13.30 Research and teaching activities in the ACOL
14.15 Walk & Talk session & Lab stories in small groups outdoors
15.50 Maps about outdoor labs
16.00-16.15 Summary, Final discussion


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