A hand that holds blue mussels in the Baltic Sea. Photo.
Björkanderska Magasinet, Visby harbor, Visby

Seminar Almedalen: Farming in water – a key to sustainable Swedish food production?

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Food plate with salmon. Photo.

Demand for seafood continues to increase. Today, Sweden imports more than 70% of all the fish we eat. Farming of fish, shellfish and algae has an important role to play in future food supply, but how to make farming even more sustainable? And what should the fish eat? Circular bioeconomy, new feeds and gastronomy are keywords!


Time: 2019-07-03 12:30 - 14:00
City: Visby
Location: Björkanderska Magasinet, Visby harbor
Organiser: SLU Aquaculture
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