6 Mar

MVM Framtiden, Ultuna

Statistics@SLU seminar: Generalised additive models for environmental trend analysis

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Claudia von Brömssen, Dept. Of Energy and Technology

General additive model (GAM) have arisen as one of the standard methods to use for trend analysis. In this talk, we give an overview over what general additive models are and how the relate to general linear models. We discuss with typical questions in environmental trend analysis can be addressed with these models and which issues remain.

Models are illustrated by current work on trends in acidification in Swedish rivers.


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Time: 2020-03-06 13:15 - 14:00
City: Ultuna
Location: MVM Framtiden
Organiser: Statistics@SLU


Claudia von Brömssen Senior Lecturer at the Department of Energy and Technology; Applied statistics and mathematics

Telephone: 018-671720

E-mail: claudia.von.bromssen@slu.se