SLU YI on SciFest!

Meet SLU Youth Institute on SciFest!

This year, the large science fair SciFest, which is organised by SLU and Uppsala University, is held digitally. During the period 4-10 March, we participate in the activity "SLU Youth Institute - How will you help achive food security for the world's 10 billion people?" where students get to start thinking about global challenges with food security and how these can be solved. We hope that this will be an inspiring workshop that you can participate in regardless of whether you work with Global Challenge or not!

Registration opens on February 4 on SciFest's website: https://www.scifest.se

Time: 2021-03-04 - 2021-03-10
City: Digital
Organiser: SLU och UU


For more information please contact any of the coordinators:

Karl Lundén (coordinator campus Ultuna, Uppsala region):
Telephone: +46-(0)706959665
E-mail: karl.lunden@slu.se

Kristina Karlsson Green (coordinator campus Alnarp, Lund/Malmö region): 
Telephone: +46-(0)40-415302
E-mail: kristina.karlsson.green@slu.se

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