Seminar: "Sustainable agriculture to support soil function and biodiversity"

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The TRACE-Soils project, funded by the EJP SOIL program, aims to identify the mechanisms underpinning trade-offs and synergies of soil carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient losses in agricultural soils across Europe, and propose climate-zone specific indicators and measures to mitigate trade-offs. In this context, the project is organizing an Online Scientific Forum focused on "Sustainable agriculture to support soil function and biodiversity".

The forum will count with four remarkable speakers who will discuss a variety of topics:

  • Sara Hallin (SLU, Sweden) : Microbes determining loss or retention of soil nitrogen

  • Mart Ros et al. (WUR, The Netherlands): Effect of renovation practices on N2O and CO2 emissions from grasslands

  • Sara Sánchez-Moreno (INIA-CSIC, Spain): Climate change effects on the microfauna: functional traits and community dynamics

  • Marcel van der Heijden (Agroscope, Switzerland): Soil microbiome engineering for a sustainable agriculture

The Forum will take place virtually on Monday, 3rd of October, from 14:00h to 17:00h.

Join the forum via Microsoft Teams

Meeting ID 370 281 456 69
Identification code: egRkWt