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SILVA PhD course: Communicating Forests and Land-Use Research in Popular Science.

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Popular science is about the way scientific research is interpreted and shared with a broad audience – from children to policymakers. Popular science is presented in many ways, including journalistic print articles, films, and policy briefs. The role of the scientist has been moving beyond doing just research towards ensuring their science has a sustainable impact on society.

This specialized intensive course focuses on forests and land-use narratives using the lens of Agenda 2030 and ways to influence diverse stakeholders through popular science. The focus on forests and land-use enables cross-learning among peers and enriches the scientific debate by identifying ways to simplify forest and land-use scientific terminologies.

This course has a dual fold aim. The first is to provide an in-depth understanding of the strategic communication approach to amplify forest and land-use research for diverse stakeholders, at the local, regional, and international levels. Interlinked with the first, the second aim is to enhance the skills of students for practical application in communicating their Ph.D. research through popular science. For more information on the course please read the course syllabus.

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Time: 2022-11-07 - 2023-01-31
Organiser: Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
Last signup date: 1 November 2022
Price: For non-SLU Ph.D. students there is a course fee