Audhumbla, VHC-building , Uppsala (SLU Campus Ultuna)

CRU Conference: Nordic Embryo Technology Association (NETA) Annual meeting 2022

Text: "NETA". Names of the Nordic countries. Illustration.

Most welcome to the Nordic Embryo Technology Association annual meeting 2022!

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Time: 2022-03-09 09:00 - 2022-03-10 13:00
City: Uppsala (SLU Campus Ultuna)
Location: Audhumbla, VHC-building
Organiser: NETA
Last signup date: 9 February 2022
Additional info:

The conference and food during the conference is without charge but participants must pay for their own travels and living costs.

The meeting will be in room Audhumbla in the VHC-building (Ulls väg 26).

The bus is planned to leave from Dragarbrunnsgatan 23 Thursday morning. Hotels around this area include for example Clarion Hotel Gillet, Hotel Scandic Uplandia and Uppsala City Hostel

Organising group: Ylva Sjunnesson (ylva.sjunnesson@slu.se), Renée Båge (renee.bage@slu.se), Denise Laskowski (denise.laskowski@slu.se), Ida Hallberg (ida.hallberg@slu.se), Jane Morrell (jane.morrell@slu.se), Malin Helmestam (malin.helmestam@gmail.com).

Logos. Illustrations.


9th March 2022

09:00    Possibility for study visits in the SLU lab facilities (sperm handling, IVF-lab). Please contact the organizers to make a plan for your visit.

10:30    Registration and handing out access cards if needed

11:15    Lunch

12:15    Welcome and introduction (local organizers)

12:20    Short report of activities after last year’s meeting and presentation of the NETA constitution and web page (The NETA board).

12:35    Discussion with all participants regarding the layout (constitution, organization, information on webpage etc.) of NETA.

12:50    Break

13:00    Current status of embryo research and application, Sweden.

13:25    Time for questions

13:30    Break

13:40    Invited lecture: Time lapse human side

14:00    Invited lecture: Time lapse animal side

14:20    Time for questions

14:30    Coffee break

14:50    Current status of embryo research and application, Finland.

15:15    Time for questions

15:20    Break

15:30    Current status of embryo research and application, Norway.

15:55    Time for questions

16:00    Break

16:10    Current status of embryo research and application, Denmark.

16:35    Time for questions

16:40    Arcowin: what will it mean for bovine embryo transfer/technology in the Nordic countries?

16:55    Time for questions

17:00    Break

17:30    Social event (visit to Museum of Medical History in Ulleråker, Bus leaves from SLU 17:15)

19:00    Dinner in Café Alma below the University Hall, Uppsala


10th March

Bus leaves from Dragarbrunnsgatan 23 at 8:30.

09:00    Welcome and introduction to discussion groups

09:10    Discussion in focus groups:

  • Group A: Genetic/epigenetic/molecular analyses of embryos
    • Inform about your methods and discuss new methods!
  • Group B: Subjective scoring for oocytes and embryos WS
    • Bring your images and discuss!
  • Group C: New EU regulations for embryo transfer
    • How will your country handle this?

09:40    Coffee break and discussion

10:00    Continued discussion in focus groups and compile short notes for how we could proceed.

10:30    Break

10:40    Each group present the main points from their discussions and     suggestions for the way forward. General discussion with all participants.

11:10    Break

11:20    Ratification of the NETA constitution. Election of board members.

11:50    Summary and conclusion + invitation to next year (Finland).

12:00    Lunch and end of WS

13:00    Possibility for study visits in the SLU lab facilities (sperm handling, IVF-lab). Please contact the organizers to make a plan for your visit.


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