19 May


Worth knowing: Who is the park for?

Now it's time for a new lecture in SLU's popular science series Worth knowing. Now it's about who the city's parks are for. Welcome.

Park, photo.

Park management is a large industry, focusing on maintaining and developing open spaces. Through management, qualities with large importance for the health and well-being of people can be created. But various user groups have various needs.

The challenge is to develop parks that are meaningful for those who need them the most. This leads to questions such as: Who is the park for? And How can the park management be adapted to the needs?


Lecture with landscape architect Märit Jansson.

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Time: 2022-05-19 12:15 - 13:00
City: Zoom
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The Carl Johan Park in Norrköping July 2021. Photo: Mårten Granert-Gärdfeldt.


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