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Climate conversations 2023 – Kick off with Johan Kuylenstierna

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SLU’s Future Platforms and SLU Global initiated a webinar series of climate conversations in 2021-2022 with the background of the IPCC reports. The aim was to increase the scientific conversation about climate change across disciplines at SLU. Join our first Climate Conversation 2023, with our eminent guest - Johan Kuylenstierna, former chairman of the Climate Policy Council and director of the Stockholm Environment Institute, now director general of the research council Formas!

Target group: primarily SLU researchers and PhD students, however the lecture is in a popular level and everyone who are interested in this topic are more then welcome to join on Zoom. 

Language: the event is held in English.

Background and initiators: The ongoing climate change is a complex societal challenge that requires interdisciplinary research. SLU’s Future Platforms and SLU Global therefore initiated a serie of climate conversation webinars in 2021-2022 with the background of the IPCC reports, with the aim to increase the scientific conversation about climate change across disciplines at SLU. 

Registration: Registration is now closed.



12.00-12.30 - Lunch mingle - we serve coffee and a light lunch to everyone who has pre-registered their participation

12.30-13.10 - "Bridging science and policy - From climate doomsday to an agenda of new opportunities" with Johan Kuylenstierna

"Climate change is becoming increasingly geopolitical, both through the effects it has on societies and nature but also as a result of the socio-economic transitions it is driving. At the center stands necessary system changes, impacting everything from energy and transport systems to urban development and food systems. While political policy makers at the national level are struggling to develop and implement necessary actions, we see a new leadership taking form. Businesses, civil society, regions, and cities are stepping up both in terms of commitments and actions. New technologies but also business models and innovative systems collaboration are at the center stage. Johan will reflect on how this complex policy landscape is evolving, the critical and partly changing role of science and the necessity to build on a narrative on how the crisis can be transformed into an agenda of opportunities.”

13.10-14.00 - Joint discussion/questions

14.00-14.30 - Wrap up and coffee mingle 


More about Johan KuylenstiernaPortrait photo of Johan Kuylenstierna. Photo. 

Johan Kuylenstierna is since September 2022 Director General of the research council Formas. He was previously senior advisor on sustainability to the President at Stockholm University and Chair of the Swedish Climate Policy Council (Klimatpolitiska Rådet). He has also been a board member at Gothenburg university, Sveaskog AB, WWF Sweden, Mistra, Axfoundation, Ecogain and Urban Water. His career includes Executive Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute, positions at United Nations (UNDESA, WMO and FAO), Project Director at Stockholm International Water Institute, senior consultant, university teacher and researcher (palaeoclimatology in the polar regions). Johan is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences and the Royal Swedish Agricultural Academy and he has an honorary doctor at the Stockholm University. Foto: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin.


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