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Docent Lectures at the Faculty of Forest Sciences

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Welcome to the Spring Docent Lectures!

09.30 Climate change effects on ecosystems at high latitudes and altitudes: The power of experiments along natural gradients
PhD Maja Sundqvist, Department of forest ecology and management

11.00 Adaptations of wildlife communities to the Anthropocene
PhD Tim Hofmeester, Department of wildlife, fish and environmental studies

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Time: 2023-04-27 09:30
City: Umeå
Location: P-O Bäckströms sal
Organiser: SLU
Additional info:

The lectures take place in Umeå. It is possible to follow lectures via zoom. Here is the link https://slu-se.zoom.us/j/63818990281

The password is 123456.


Louise Tetting, secretary at the Docent Board
Faculty of Forest Sciences, SLU
louise.tetting@slu.se, +4690-786 86 22