27 Jun
29 Jun

Haparanda & Oulu

Excursion: Biotic threats to Pine stands in Northern Fennoscandia

Welcome to an excursion that aims compare and discuss the damages by ungulates and pathogenic fungi (in particular Cronartium pini) on pines in Northern Sweden and Northern Finland.

The excursion will begin at sites damages by pathogens and ungulates in Sweden the first day and then continue to sites in the area around Oulu the second day the excursion will be concluded with a scientific workshop on the current knowledge on the biotic threats and the mitigation strategies, held in Oulu.

Invited experts on Cronatium pini and ungulate damages that will participate in the excursion and workshop include Ke Zhang, Berit Samils and Fredrik Widemo (SLU, Sweden), Märtha Wallgren, Torgny Persson (Skogforsk, Sweden), Juha Kaitera and Ari Nikula (LUKE, Finland) as well as practitioners and managers in the two countries. We will travel by bus for this excursion.

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If you have received an email from Malin Elfstrand that your participation is registered, you are welcome to participated in the excursion and/or workshop (depending on what you chose). Selected speakers at the workshop will receive an email from Malin within a few days.


See the detailed programme further down.

  • 27/6 meet up in Haparanda in the morning to board the bus, excursion to two sites damaged by pathogens and ungulates in Sweden. Transfer to Oulu.
  • 28/6 excursion to two different sites damaged by pathogens and ungulates in the area around Oulu.
  • 29/6 Workshop on “Biotic threats to Pine stands in Northern Fennoscandia” synthesizing the state of knowledge and the impressions from the excursions to Sweden and Finland between 8:30-15 Finnish time (a detailed program of the workshop will be posted closer to the workshop). Departure from Oulu


Time: 2023-06-27 - 2023-06-29
City: Haparanda & Oulu
Organiser: TolerantTree
Last signup date: 15 May 2023
Price: 1500 SEK (the fee is waived for doctoral students affiliated with the universities in the TolerantTree network)
Additional info:

The excursion and workshop is organized by the SNS-financed TolerantTree network in cooperation with researchers and agencies in Sweden and Finland.

Hotel stay

Participants will have to organize their own hotel stay in Oulu, we suggest to stay at  for instance:


Day 1, 27/6 excursion in Sweden

Hosts: Ellinor Lindmark and Tobias Gramnér SFA

  • Departure, Lapland hotel ca 7:30 (FINNISH TIME).
  • Departure from meeting point in Haparanda ca 9:30 (SWEDISH TIME). At the longterm parking area Torggatan/Tullgatan, adress Tullgatan 7.
  • Visit to a site damaged from Cronartium
  • Lunch
  • Visit to a site with damages from browsing
  • Return to Oulu ca 17:00 (SWEDISH TIME).
  • Dinner in Oulu ca kl. 20:30 (FINNISH TIME).

Day 2, 28/6 excursion in Finland

Hosts: Juha Kaitera and Ari Nikula, LUKE

  • Departure, Lapland hotel Oulu ca kl. 8. To excursions point
  • Visit to a site damaged from Cronartium
  • Lunch (ABC) Pudasjärvi ca kl 12:30-13:45
  • Visit to a site with damages from browsing
  • Return to Oulu around 16:30
  • Dinner in Oulu ca19:30

Day 3, 29/6

  • Departure Lapland hotel ca kl. 7:30 to University.
  • Workshop: see separate schedule below
  • Departure from University (to Haparanda) ca kl. 15:45

Workshop program

In Room IT112 at Oulu University 2023-06-29 between 8:00 and 15:00

  • 8:00 Welcome Jan Stenlid
  • 8:20 Session I: C. pini biology and genetic testing.
    Moderator Malin Elfstrand
  • 9:30-10:30 Coffee & activity
  • 10:30 -Session II: Management and detection of damaged young pine forests.
    Moderator Jarkko Hantula
  • 11:40 Lunch
  • 13:00 -Session II: Management and of ungulate damaged.
    Moderator Jan Stenlid
  • 14:30 -Concluding activity-what have we learned?
    Jan Stenlid & Jarkko Hantula
  • 15:00 End of workshop


malin.elfstrand@slu.se, 018-671579