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In-depth course in forest regeneration

Plants of pine and birch in front of older pine trees. Photo.

The purpose of the course is to present a comprehensive overview of the complete chain of forest regeneration and to give the students insight into the complexity of regeneration methods in Scandinavia. Both master and PhD students are welcome to apply for the course.

During the course new findings and insights in seedling types, planting techniques, soil scarification methods will be discussed and evaluated linked to an understanding of plant ecophysiology and soil and site factors. The purpose with the course is also to provide knowledge in design of regeneration experiments and the techniques in measurements of seedling vitality and growth. The chain of managements, from seed to established trees will also be part of the discussion.

This course consists of both self/individual studies (e.g. literature studies, individual project work) and field-based practice.  The course starts June 5 with webinars and introduction of the course. Most of the course is self-studies, distance learning and individual project work. The course ends with 5 days field excursions in Småland and Skåne (August 14-18). 

Registration and more information

The course is given in English.

More information and how to register, for master students - slu.se/en

More information and how to register, for PhD students - slu.se/en


Time: 2023-06-05 - 2023-08-27
City: Alnarp
Organiser: Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
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Mikolaj Lula
Post doctor, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
Telephone: +4640415395, +46732451804
E-mail: mikolaj.lula@slu.se