16 Feb


Webinar: Protecting our future birch forests from new, invasive threats: the case of bronze birch borer

Trees For Me's PhD student Sezer Olivia Kaya presents the latest news related to her PhD project on future threats to fast-growing broadleaf trees, focusing on the bronze birch borer which has caused extensive damage to birch stands in North America.

Sezer Olivia Kaya will tell you more about the project, which focuses on current and future biotic risks for fast-growing broadleaf trees. She will also present a tool which can be used to detect and analyse the bronze birch borer at an early stage in birch forests. The tool has been tested in the field during a study trip to Canada in the autumn.

About Sezer Olivia Kaya and the PhD project - treesforme.se

Registration and more information

The webinar is held in English, online via Zoom, and is open for anyone interested.

Registration and more information - treesforme.se/en


Time: 2024-02-16 14:00 - 15:00
City: Online
Organiser: Trees For Me