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9 Apr

Loftets bankettsal, Ultuna, Uppsala

Data Driven Life Science Seminars: "Data driven research in evolution and biodiversity"

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Data Driven Life Science Seminars. On the topic of "Data driven research in evolution and biodiversity ".

Welcome to attend the open, digital seminars as part of the recruitment process given by the top candidates for the group leader position in data driven life science (DDLS).

April 8th

13.00-14.00: Malin Olofsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU. Combining multiple data to enhance understanding of phytoplankton evolution and biodiversity

14.30-15.30: Mariana Pires Braga, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU. Biotic interactions: teasing apart evolutionary processes from data biases

April 9th

13.00-14.00: Harith Farooq, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Biodiversity Data to guide Macroecology and Conservation

14.30-15.30: Pooja Choksi, University of Minnesota, USA. Listening for Change: Using acoustics to quantify the impact of nature-based solutions on biodiversity


Loftets bankettsal, Ultuna, Uppsala
Live stream: Link to join Webinar. Password: 526883


Time: 2024-04-08 13:00 - 2024-04-09 15:30
City: Uppsala
Location: Loftets bankettsal, Ultuna
Organiser: SLU
Additional info:

The DDLS Program

The purpose of the program is to recruit and train the next-generation of data-driven life scientists and to create globally leading computational and data science capabilities in life science in Sweden.

Furthermore, the program aims to strengthen collaborations between universities, bridge the research communities of life sciences and data sciences, and create partnerships with industry, healthcare and other national and international actors. The DDLS program will focus on four strategic areas of data-driven research: cell and molecular biology, evolution and biodiversity, precision medicine and diagnostics, epidemiology and infection biology.

More information about DDLS.

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