29 Apr

VHC, 5th floor, Tanngrisner 1, Uppsala

Half-time seminar: Pontus Gunnarsson

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Welcome to Pontus Gunnarssons half-time seminar. It is also possible to participate online via Zoom.

Pontus PhD project is funded by the FORMAS centre for future seafood – Blue Food About Blue Food - Blue Food.  The project has focus on how next generation feed sources in aquaculture impacts metabolism and microbiota of rainbow trout, quality of aquaculture manure as well as the quality of the filé as food.  

Opponent will be Associate Professor Stefan Örn from the Department of Animal Biosciences.


A warm welcome from the supervisor team!

Johan Dicksved, Anders Kiessling, Markus Langeland, Jean Yong and Åsa Öström.


Time: 2024-04-29 13:00 - 14:15
City: Uppsala
Location: VHC, 5th floor, Tanngrisner 1
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691 1442 4729


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