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Adan L. Martinez Cruz

Adan Martinez Cruz
I focus on non-market valuation applications, but you will see that my publications reach a wider range of topics –impact evaluation on non-linear variables, expert elicitation, energy efficiency, marine conservation programs, transportation policies, inequality and poverty. So, please do not hesitate in contacting me to discuss potential research topics that do not strictly fall within the non-market valuation realm. I enjoy and seek for multi- and inter-disciplinary projects.


I am an empirical economist that mostly focuses on applications and innovations of non-market valuation techniques. My training is as an agricultural and resource economist by the University of Maryland, College Park. After completing my PhD, I spent three years as a postdoc in ETH-Zurich’s Department of Management, Technology, and Economics. And before joining SLU’s Department of Forest Economics, I spent two year as an assistant professor in CIDE-RC’s Department of Economics.


I have been a learning facilitator of several topics but, if I get to pick my favorite ones, I enjoy facilitating the learning of Statistics, and of Non-Market Valuation. You can see a list of the courses I have covered through the years in the pdf version of my CV.

Selected publications

Avila-Forcada, S., A.L. Martinez-Cruz, R. Rodriguez-Ramirez, and E. Sanjurjo-Rivera (2019), “Transitioning to non-fishery livelihoods: The case of PACE-Vaquita,” Ocean and Coastal Management,

Alberini, A., M. Bareit, M. Filippini, and A.L. Martinez-Cruz (2018), “The impact of emissions-based taxes on the retirement of used and inefficient vehicles: The case of Switzerland,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 88: 234-258.

Filippini, M., W. Greene, N. Kumar, and A.L. Martinez-Cruz (2018), “A note on the different interpretation of the correlation parameters in the Bivariate Probit and the Recursive Bivariate Probit,”, Economics Letters 167: 104-107.

Guignet, D., and A.L. Martinez-Cruz (2018), “The impact of underground petroleum releases on homeowner’s decision to sell: A difference-in-difference approach,” Regional Science and Urban Economics 69: 11-24.

Filippini, M., W. Greene, and A.L. Martinez-Cruz (2017), “Recreational value of winter outdoor recreation in the Swiss Alps: The case of Val Bedretto,” Environmental and Resource Economics, doi: 10.1007/s10640-017-0181-0.

Martinez-Cruz, A.L., S. Guerrero-Escobar, and M. Juarez-Torres (2017), “Assessing impacts from climate change on local social-ecological systems in contexts where information is lacking: An expert elicitation in the Bolivian Altiplano,” Ecological Economics 137: 70-82.



Senior Lecturer at the Department of Forest Economics
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