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Alejandro Barrios Latorre

Alejandro Barrios Latorre
Doctoral student at the Department of Biosystems and Technology


I’m an agroecologist (MSc Agricultural Science), specialist in soil surveys and professional in environmental biology, coursing my doctoral education within the Technology group of BT. I’m experienced in the assessment of agricultural systems and the analysis of environmental information, especially in the fields of soils, limnology and climate. My area of interest includes the use of different tools for the assessment of environmental and socio-economic impacts and identifying feasible solutions.


My doctoral education is focused on the assessment of removal of agricultural residues as feedstock for different purposes within the emerging bioeconomy, such as biofuels and protein extraction. It also includes the evaluation of the use of intermediate crops as an alternative solution to mitigate the impacts derived from the removal of this biomass from the agricultural landscape.



Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology (2015) and specialization on Agrological (soil) surveys (2019) from University of Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

Master’s degree in Agricultural Science from the Agroecology program of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.



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