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Amanda de Castro Segtowich

Amanda De Castro Segtowich


I am currently on the first year of my PhD at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre in Alnarp, SLU. My main topic revolves around the silviculture of Scots pine and thinning strategies.


The aim of my PhD project is to create knowledge for improved thinning guidelines that are adapted to a more precise forest management based on individual tree information from remote sensing, and to create knowledge about how thinning can be done to better meet consequences of climate changes and extreme weather events by increasing the understanding of forest health in dry years and other disturbances.

Studies 1 and 2 will be done based on old thinning experiments - the GG experiment and the corridor thinning trials, respectively. For Study 1, the goal is to understand the short- and long-terms effects of thinning on the climate-growth relationship of Scots pine trees. For Study 2, the aim is to evaluate the growth effect of thinning on trees of different size classes and spatial distribution and whether spatial distribution after thinning is important for the growth of individual trees.

For Studies 3 and 4, a new thinning experiment has been established. The aim is to understand the effect of thinning grade on individual tree stem-wood, branches and needle-increment (Study 3) and on light absorption (APAR) and water- and nutrient uptake of individual trees (Study 4).


I have a master's degree in Science from the Forest Resources program, with emphasis in Silviculture and Forest Management, at the University of São Paulo (USP). I have experience in working with ecophysiology, hydrology, phytosociology and plant nutrition.


Emma Holmström, SLU

Saija Huuskonen, LUKE  Finland

Nils Fahlvik, Skogforsk