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Anders Karlsson

Anders Karlsson
I am an animal scientist and professor of meat science. My main interest is questions related to how production factors affect the eating quality of meat. In addition, I am very interested in meat production, meat consumption and health aspects. I am also deputy head of the Department for Animal Environment and Health. The department is located at the campi Skara, Uppsala and Gothenburg. O have my base at SLU's campus in Skara.


I conduct research as well as teach and supervise mainly students within the agronomy program but also within other programmes. Within my research area, I am Sweden's representative at the International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST), and in addition I have a lot of contact with authorities and industry organizations where I participate with lectures.

I spend some of my spare time gardening and genealogical research.


I participate at several courses within the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science (VH) focusing on how production factors affect the eating quality characteristics of meat throughout the chain from farm to plate. In addition, I like to discuss meat consumption as well as health and environmental aspects of meat with my students.

I am also an examiner and responsible for SLU's commissioned training to train Official Assistants on behalf of the Swedish Food Agency, who assist the Swedish Food Agency's official veterinarians at slaughterhouses.

Outside of SLU, I teach at the Karolinska Institute's Bachelor's program in nutrition.


I am involved in a number of different research projects with farm animals, both with a focus on eating quality of fresh meat quality as well focusing om meat production, including various feed materials and animal welfare on possible effects on meat quality We have recently established a meat quality laboratory where, in addition to meat from farm animals, we will also be able to analyze meat from game animals and fish.

How all conceivable production factors from soil to plate can affect the eating quality characteristics of the meat, as well as environmental and health aspects are some of the areas in which I am particularly interested.

I have coordinated two major EU projects focusing on pork quality:

Susporkqual (2001-2004) and Q-Porkshains (2007-2012).


Through my work as a meat scientist, I have stimulating and interesting contacts with producers, producers associations, authorities as well as with industry organizations, where I participate with talks and discussions about meat production in general.


Education and exams

MSc in animal science, Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU), 1989
Doctor of philosophy in meat science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), 1993
My latest positions 

Senior scientist, Department  Food Science, Aarhus University, Denmark, 1996-2003

Professor of meat science, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2004-2016

Professor of Meat Science, Department of Animal Environment and Health (HMH), SLU, 2016-

Head of Department, Department of the Animal Environment and Health (HMH), SLU, 2016-


At the moment I am co-supervisor for PhD student Qashim Mashod at HMH department, working with the new servere problem with pig meat quality named PSE like zoones. I also supervise master's and bachelor's project topics connected with my research area.

Selected publications,5



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Professor at the Department of Applied Animal Science and Welfare (former HMH); Division of Production Systems Professor at the Department of Applied Animal Science and Welfare (former HMH); Department office
Telephone: +4651167210
Postal address:
Box 234
532 23 Skara
Visiting address: Gråbrödragatan 19, Skara
Postal address:
Box 234
532 23 SKARA
Visiting address: Gråbrödragatan 19, Skara