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Anders Kristoffersson

Anders Kristoffersson
I am a senior lecturer in Business Econimics working with greenspace construction and management in research and education of landscape engineers and architects.


As a senior lecturer I share my time between education and research at a ratio close to 50/50. I am responsoble for 22,5 ects in the Landscape Engineering programme with focus on construction and greenspace management. I am also contributing in many other courses e.g. Stormwater Management, Cemetary Management.

My research spans several fields from green space management and procurement, stormwater management to sharing of outdoor environment. Normally I run or take part in 3-5 projects with different timespan. At present I am engaged in a PhD project on stormwater management and governance, a project trying to map the Swedish greenspace industry, the project Sharing Cities to mention a few.


Construction Management, Greenspace Management, Stormwater Management, Cemetery Management.


Greenspace management and procurement. Stormwater management. Sharing of Outdoor Environment and co-management.


Many different organizations working within Green Space Management; Municipalities, Contractors, Consultants, Real Estate Companies, Cemetaries


Master of Science in Civil engineering 


XiuJuan Qiao, PhD in Stormwater management.

Master and bachelor theses


Senior Lecturer at the Institutionen för landskapsarkitektur, planering och förvaltning
Telephone: +4640415136
Postal address:
Box 190
234 22 Lomma
Visiting address: Slottsvägen 5, Alnarp, Alnarp