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Anette Wichman

Anette Wichman


My name is Anette Wichman and I have a background in Biology and work with research and education in Ethology.

Current position: Researcher in Ethology at the Department of Animal Environment and Health

My main research area has been in development of different behaviours, cognitive abilities and measures of emotional states in laying hens. I have also worked with more applied research around transport of turkeys and investigations in how different factors related to housing systems affect animals and their ability to perform certain behaviours and the consequences this has on their welfare.


HensToday I work on an EU project called Hennovation that aims to increase the networks between both producers, researchers and other stakeholders in the laying hen industry. The target is to find and spread information about practical and economical solutions and methods that can improve the conditions for both producers and animals

I am also involved in a project on optimal light conditions for laying hens that will investigate how different light spectrums and intensities affect how and if laying hens perform different behaviours. The aim with the project is to find the type of light conditions that the hens prefers and feel comfortable with where they are calm and have the ability to perform all relevant behaviours in a satisfactory way.

Selected publications

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  • Wichman A., Norring M., Voutila L., Pastell M., Valros A., Algers B., and Hänninen L., 2012. Influence of crate height during slaughter transport on the welfare of male turkeys. British Poultry Science, 53:4, 414-420.
  • Wichman A. Rogers L. J. and Freire R., 2009. Visual lateralization and development of spatial and social spacing behaviour of chicks (Gallus gallus domesticus). Behavioural Processes, 81, 14-19.
  • Wichman A. and Keeling L.J., 2008. Hens are motivated to dustbathe in peat irrespective of being reared with or without a suitable dustbathing substrate. Animal Behaviour, 75, 1525-1533.
  • Wichman A., Heikkilä M., Valros A., Forkman B. and Keeling L., 2007. Perching behaviour in chickens and its relationship to spatial ability. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 105, 165-179.