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Anna Berlin

Anna Berlin
I am agronomist and am currently working as researcher, primarily with the project ”Detection of plant pathogens based on information from spore traps”.


My main research interest is to understand the biology and epidemiology of plant pathogens to create scientific based information for development of sustainable management methods that will increase the yield and quality of cultivated crops with the least environmental impact. I am also interested in plant pathogen evolution, host specificity and population dynamics within plant pathogens.

Current and previous projects

PhD project

In 2012 I completed my PhD thesis and the title of my project was ”Epidemiology and population biology of Puccinia graminis for control of stem rust in Sweden”. Within the project, I studied the biology and epidemiology to understand which the important elements are for spread and prognostication of stem rust. The particular with Stem rust in Sweden is the abundance of barberry, the alternate host, which enables the fungus to fulfil its sexual cycle.

Spore sampling at the roof of the Biocentrum in Uppsala. Photo: Anna Berlin.

Aecia on flowering common barberry. Photo: Anna Berlin.




Selected publications

Berlin, A., Kyiaschenko, J., Justesen, A. F. and Yuen, J. (2013). Rust fungi forming aecia on Berberis spp. in Sweden Plant Disease, 97: 1281-1287

Berlin, A., Samils, B., Djurle, A., Wirsén, H., Szabo, L., and Yuen, J. (2013). Disease development and genotypic diversity of Puccinia graminis f. sp. avenae in Swedish oat fields. Plant Pathology, 62(1), 32-40.

Berlin, A. (2012) Population biology of Puccinia graminis – Implications for epidemiology and control of stem rust. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala. PhD thesis no 2012:79

Berlin, A., Djurle, A., Samils, B., and Yuen, J. (2012). Genetic variation in Puccinia graminis collected from oat, rye and barberry. Phytopathology, 102, 1006-1012.

Berlin, A. (2012) Rapport om användning av sporfällor för detektion och prognos av växtpatogener, Bilaga till: Vässa växtskyddet för framtidens klimat Hur vi förebygger och hanterar ökade problem i ett förändrat klimat Jordbruksverket rapport 2012:10

Muminjanov, H., Berlin, A., Persson, R., Otambekova, M. and Bishaw, Z. (2008) Focus on Seed Programs The Tajikistan seed industry. Focus on Seed Programs (20), ICARDA, Aleppo, Syrien

Islamov, A., Hede, A., Persson, R., Berlin, A., and Bishaw, Z. (2007) Focus on Seed Programs The Kyrgyzstan seed industry. Focus on Seed Programs (19), ICARDA, Aleppo, Syrien

Berlin, A., and Eitrem, S. (2005) Tomato diseases, quality, yield and pesticide use: a filed study in Nicaragua. MSc Agriculture. Dept. of Crop Production Ecology, SLU

Selected conference contributions

Berlin, A., Djurle, A., and Yuen, J. (2013) Fungi found in waste water from suction traps in Sweden. NJF Seminar 468 Suction traps in studying distribution and occurrence of insects and forecasting pests and vector borne viruses. Kristianstad, Sweden, October 30 (invited oral presentation)

Berlin, A., Dalman, K., and Yuen, J. (2013) Evolutionary history reveals two phylogenetically distinct species within Puccinia graminis. 10 ( International Congress of Plant Pathology, Beijing, China, August 25-30. (poster presentation)

Berlin, A., Yuen., J. (2012) A phylogenetic and morphological study comparing f. sp. secalis and f. sp. avenae of Puccinia graminis. 136) International Cereal rusts and Powdery mildews Conference Beijing, China, August 28 – September 1 (oral presentation)

Berlin, A. (2012) Alternate hosts panel discussion -P. graminis in the presence of Barberry. BGRI annual workshop, Beijing, China, September 1 – 4 (participated in a panel discussion)

Berlin, A., Kyiashchenko, I., Djurle, A., Samils, B., and Yuen, J.(2012) Rusts on Berberis spp. in Sweden, BGRI annual workshop, Beijing, China September 1 – 4 (poster presentation)

Berlin, A. (2011) Can spore trapping provide information about airborne plant pathogens? Agri4D annual workshop. Uppsala, Sweden 28-29 September (oral presentation)

Berlin A., Woldeab, G., Rahmatiov, M., Muminjaniv, H., and Yuen J. (2011) Population structure of Puccinia graminis f.sp. avenae and P. graminis f.sp tritici in Sweden, Ethiopia and Tajikistan. 2011 BGRI Technical Workshop, June 13-16, St.Paul, MN, USA (poster presentation)

Berlin, A., Szabo, L., Djurle, A., Samils, B., and Yuen, J. (2010) Population structure of Puccinia graminis f.sp. avenae in oat fields in Sweden. 2010 BGRI Technical Workshop, May 30-31, St. Petersburg, Russia (poster presentation)

Berlin, A., Szabo, L., Stoxen, S., Djurle, A., Samils, B., and Yuen, J. (2009) Population structure of Puccinia graminis f.sp. avenae in Sweden. 12

Researcher at the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology; Division of Plant Pathology/Epidemiology
Telephone: +4618-671579
Postal address:
Skoglig mykologi och växtpatologi , Box 7026
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Almas Allé 5, Uppsala
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