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Anna Byström

Anna Byström
Veterinarian and researcher in biomechanics, with focus on horse-rider interaction.


I graduated as a veterinarian in 2005. Since I have always been interested in horses and riding, that became the topic of my degree project, and I then discovered that biomechanics was very interesting. So after having worked as regional veterinarian (distriktsveterinär) for some time, I returned to Uppsala in 2007 and started working at SLU, first as junior lecturer, then as PhD-student, and now as researcher.


My research profile is equine biomechanics with a special focus on horse-saddle-rider interactions, including rider kinematics, rider effects on the kinematics of the horse, rein tension, and saddle pressure patters in different gaits and related to saddle fit. I have additionally been involved in projects focusing on motion asymmetry/laterally in healthy horses, the biomechanics of equine lameness and methods for objective lameness assessment, and also normal movement and lameness in dogs.