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Anna Karin Rosberg

Anna Karin Rosberg
Postdoc at the unit of Microbial Horticulture, Department of Biosystems and Technology


I am a researcher in horticulture with a special focus on microbial communities connected to horticultural produce. The project which is currently taking up most of my time is Safe Salad. My task within this project is to map the biogeography of the microbial communities in a farm-to-fork perspective. This means that I investigate how the microbial communities of spinach- and rocket leaves change over time through field production, harvest, washing, packaging and storage. Mapping the microbial communities and their changes over time, is the first step towards understanding their ecological function.


Course leader Project Based Research Training


MSc in Horticulture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp, 2007

PhD in Horticulture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Alnarp 2014

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