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Annie Roos

Annie Roos is a lecturer in business administration with a focus on marketing, organization and sustainable development. She is placed within the research group Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability. Her main research area is rural entrepreneurship and gender.


Annie teaches, among other things, organizational theory, scientific method and supervises theses.


My research area is to link together gender issues with entrepreneurship in rural settings.

In my thesis, I ask how gender comes about and change in relation to entrepreneurship. Focusing on entrepreneurship within a gender perspective means acknowledging that the underrepresentation of women entrepreneurs is persistent despite numerous programs, initiatives and research projects claiming to increase women’s participation in entrepreneurship. 

The thesis aims to contextualise gender-in-entrepreneurship, which means focusing on when, how, and why entrepreneurship happens. Gender-in-entrepreneurship implies a focus on how women and men perform gender in entrepreneurship while questioning underlying masculine assumptions of entrepreneurship. By combining the two ideas, this thesis adds to our understanding of how the gender process intertwines with entrepreneurship and takes place in a spatial context.


Annie is currently collaborating with researchers at Department of Urban and Rural Development and University of Huddersfield.


Annie is an Agronomist and holds a master degree in Business Administration from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.



Hina Hashim, SLU

Bachelor theses

Jernberg, Frida and Lindbäck, Anna, 2018. Drömmen om den perfekta entreprenören: en studie av en svensk tidskrift före och efter #metoo. Grundnivå, G2E. Uppsala: SLU, Institutionen för ekonomi

Hidén, Elisabeth and Svensson, Esther, 2018. Att bädda in en medarbetare från en annan nationell kultur: en fallstudie på Lantmännen Maskin. Grundnivå, G2E. Uppsala: SLU, Institutionen för ekonomi

Selected publications

Roos, A. (2021), Reproducing Gender - The Spatial Context of Gender in Entrepreneurship, Dissertation No. 2021:8, Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, available at:


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