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Antoienette Wärnbäck

Antoienette Wärnbäck


I work as a researcher and teacher focusing on the practice of impact assessment in planning.

My Main interests:
- Environmental impact Assessment on projects
- Strategical Environmental Assessment on plans and programmes
- Social learning
- Planning practice


The course on EIA (MX 0112) 5 credits runs every autumn with start i November. I´m the course leader and have students from both Uppsala University and SLU. I also do soem teaching about EIA, planning, ecosystem services and writing on the program for landscape architects.


SPEAK - Sustainable Planning and Environmental Assessment Knowledge, financed by Swedish Environmental protection Agency. The project is led by Prof. Berit Balfors, KTH and includes researchers from KTH, SLU, ENVECO, Ecoloop and VTI. 

SPEAK is a research program in Sweden with the overall aim to generate knowledge about effective spatial planning for sustainable development and thereby strengthen spatial planning as a relevant and comprehensive means of attaining the national environmental quality objectives.

SPEAK will identify and analyze obstacles and deficiencies of environmental assessments in contemporary planning practice.

SPEAK will identify pathways that can support spatial planning.

SPEAK will generate proposals for developing the planning system and its applications in Strategic Environmental Assessment of plans and programmes and in Environmental Impact Assessment of projects.


McS in biology, licentiate in landscapeplanning, and PhD in landscapeplanning.

Selected publications

Wärnbäck, Antoienette.( 2007). Licentiatavhandling. Cumulative effects in Swedish impact assessment practice, Rapporter (Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för stad och land), 3/2007, Dept. of Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, ISBN 9789185735020

 Beaktande av biologisk mångfald och ekosystemtjänster i miljökonsekvensbeskrivningar och miljöbedömningar. Bilaga 5 i: Synliggöra värdet av ekosystemtjänster – Åtgärder för välfärd genom biologisk mångfald och ekosystemtjänster. Wärnbäck, A. SOU 2013:68. 2013.

Wärnbäck, A., Hilding-Rydevik, T. (2009). Cumulative effects in Swedish EIA practice — difficulties and obstacles. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Volume 29, Issue 2, February 2009, Pages 107-115

Wärnbäck, Antoienette. (2012). Doctoral thesis. EIA Practice - Examples of Cumulative Effects and Final Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel. Dept. of Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. ISSN 1652-6880, ISBN 978 -91-576-7674-0.

Wärnbäck, A., L. Soneryd and T. Hidling-Rydevik ( 2013). "Shared practice and converging views in nuclear waste management: long-term relations between implementer and regulator in Sweden." Environment and Planning A 45: 2212 - 2226.


Researcher at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Landscape architecture Spatial planning