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Ashkan Pakseresht

Ashkan Pakseresht
Ashkan Pakseresht is a researcher at the Department of Economics at SLU and studies the consumers' and farmers’ decision-making related to the agri-food industry.


Ashkan Pakseresht is a researcher at the Department of Economics at SLU and studies the consumers' and farmers’ decision-making related to the agri-food industry. Ashkan’s research interests include consumer preferences and behaviour, choice analysis, behavioural decision making, risk analysis, willingness to pay, animal welfare, and sustainability.


Quantitative Finance - Theory and Applications (FÖ0271).

Environmental Risk Management and Accounting.

Marketing Research (FÖ0428 & FÖ0429: Marknadsföring)

Leadership and Sustainability (FÖ0421)


Ashkan is interested in behavioural and experimental economics. His doctoral thesis is oriented on the study of an in-depth understanding of the driving forces behind consumer attitudes and behaviours related to the use of agro-biotechnology for multi-functional food products. Data collected for this project through a set of artefactual field experiments in Sweden and Germany. Ashkan also has supervised a research project with a focus on the effects of corporate behaviour on the value of intangible assets (principally brand value).


Ashkan obtained his second Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and Management from the SLU. He also has a Master degree in Business Administration specializing in international marketing. Prior to his PhD position he worked as a research assistant at the SLU studying the link between corporate social responsibility and brand equity.

Keywords: consumer behaviour, behavioural economics, experiment, corporate responsibility, brand management, agribusiness, sustainability, circular economy, bioeconomy, novel food technologies, food packaging.

Selected publications

Pakseresht, A., McFadden, B.R., and Lagerkvist, C.J. (2017). “Consumer acceptance of food biotechnology based on policy context and upstream acceptance: Evidence from an artefactual field experiment”, European Review of Agricultural Economics, 44(5), pp. 757–780.

Hess, S., Lagerkvist, C.J., Redekop, W., & Pakseresht, A. (2016). “Consumers’ Evaluation of Biotechnology in Food Products: New Evidence from a Meta – Survey”, European Review of Agricultural Economics, 43(5), pp. 703-736.

Pakseresht, A. and Mark-Herbert, Cecilia (2016). “A review of sustainable development in brand value assessments”. Social Business, Volume 6, Number 3, 2016, pp. 219-247.

Pakseresht, A. and Lagerkvist, C.J. (2015). Consumer decision-making for food produced with biotechnology: experimental evidence from Sweden, 2nd Norwegian Food Market research Conference, Ås/Son November 4-5, 2015, held at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Pakseresht, A. and Mark-Herbert, Cecilia (2014), “Leveraging brand value through corporate responsibility”, International Journal of Sustainable Development, 17(3), pp. 281-297.

Mark-Herbert, C., Rotter, J. and Pakseresht, A. (2010). “A Triple Bottom Line to Ensure Corporate Responsibility”. In Berg, P. (Eds.), Timeless Cityland: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Building the Sustainable Human Habitat, (pp.1-7). Uppsala: Sveriges Lantbruks Universitet.

Pakseresht, Ashkan (2010), Brand equity and corporate responsibility- A review of brand valuation methods, Master Degree thesis in Agricultural Economics and Management, ISSN 1401-4084, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Economics, Uppsala, Sweden.

Non-Employee at the Department of Economics; Decision-making and Managerial Behavior
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