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Bodil Häggström

Bodil Häggström
My PhD project is about boreal forest regeneration and how we can adapt regeneration phase practices to local environment. My academic background is within earth science and I have worked as animal-keeper at farms, truck driver at tours for different artists, planted forest and as elementary school substitute teacher. My main interests outside work is music, friends, gardening and nature.


I grew up in Sorsele in south Lapland in Sweden. I am interested both in listening toand creating music, hanging out with my friends, practicing creative gardening and enjoying nature.  I live together with my partner in a house in Gravmark 40 km north of Umeå in north Sweden. I hope that through my work with environment adaption of boreal forest regeneration will add to a sustainable future.


My PhD project is about Environmental adaptions in boreal forest regeneration.

We cannot predict exactly how a globally raised temperature will affect the forest regeneration phase at each location, but we can be prepared by trying to understand what consequences different environmental circumstances have for different regeneration methods and practices.

By comapring survival and growth of seedlings in variuos types of practices at sites with different environmental conditions such as precipitation and length of growing season, we can get an idea of which practices that are most suiting for each certain condition. 

I started my PhD education in November 2019. In the first study project we investigated the effect and interaction of planting position and arginine-phosphate addition on growth and survival of Scots pine in a field trial where 11 sites from mid- to north Sweden was included. We also investigated the results in relation to environmetal variation between the different sites.  

Following projects will include case studies of the effects of planting position and arginine-phosphate on both Scots Pine and Norway spruce and also the effects of different planting dates/periods.


In my PhD-project I cooperate with Sveaskog as my industrial partner in the UPSC Research school in forest genetics, biotechnology and breeding. I also work with a cooperation project between SLU and Skogforsk.


I did my bachelor in Earth science by distance and my Master-degree in Earth science at Stockholm University spring 2019. Previously I have worked in many different areas, most within farming as animal-keeper and as truck- and bus driver at tours.