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Carin Sjöstedt

Carin Sjöstedt
Researcher at the Dep. of Soil and Environment, Soil Chemistry, Campus Ultuna.


I am interested in the speciation of metal(loids)s in the environment, both in surface water and in soils, but also in bottom ashes and to biochar. I am specialized in the techniques EXAFS spectroscopy, geochemical modelling, and µ-XRF, but I have also used other techniques such as PCCS, cross-flow ultrafiltration, dialysis, SEM, AAS, ion-selective electrode. Metal(loid)s I have studied are Al, As, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mo, Pb, Sb, Si and Zn.


Responsible teacher of the Soil Chemistry part of course MV0220.

Course coordinator of PhD course "Phosphorus cycling in in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems" at SLU, Ultuna, June 2017

Lab- and field assistant MV0192 and MV0202/MV0203 Markvetenskap (Soil science)

Supervisor writing course BI1254


Biochar as a metal trap in soil – mechanisms, modelling and ageing. VR-project (Swedish Research Council). 4 year starting grant for young researchers. Start Jan 2021

Speciation of lead, chromium, zinc and arsenic in contaminated Swedish soils using geochemical modelling and X-ray spectroscopy (part of Åsa Lövs PhD project, main supervisor Dan B. Kleja)

Geochemical modelling of potential acidification effects on surface water caused by forest biomass extraction (with Stefan Löfgren, Jon Petter Gustafsson, Bengt Olsson, (SLU) and Therese Zetterberg, IVL)

Zinc and copper speciation in bottom ash (with Charlotta Tiberg, SGI, Karin Karlfeldt Fedje (Chalmers/Renova), Anette Halldahl (Vattenfall)


Environmental analysis

Me, together with Johanna Wetterlind, are responsible for the program Soil and crop inventory


Post-doc 2015-2017 at SLU.

Post-doc 2013 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Dep of Chemistry with Prof. Inger Odnevall Wallinder and Assoc. Prof. Susanna Wold. “Antimony nanoparticles behavior in different salt solutions”.

Doctor's diploma 2012 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Dep of Land and Water Resources Engineering. Title” Iron and aluminium speciation in Swedish freshwaters. Implications for geochemical modelling”. Main supervisor Prof. Jon Petter Gustafsson.

M. Sc. studies at the Stockholm University in Environmental Science 2008.


PhD-student Sara Grolander, SLU. Co-supervisor

PhD-student Hugo Pereira, SLU. Co-supervisor

PhD-student Charlotta Tiberg, SLU. Co-supervisor

PhD-student Åsa Löv, SLU. Co-supervisor

Master student Lucie Germain, École Normale Supérieure de Paris, Paris. 2023

Master project Zarah Olivecrona. Ämnesgranskare (Supervisor) 2016

Master project Bo Sha. spring 2017

Selected publications

Saentho, A., Sjöstedt, C., Prakongkep, N., Klysubun, W., Gustafsson, J.-P., Wisawapipat, W. (2023) “Fate of silicon in tropical agricultural soil clays using XANES spectroscopy”. Appl. Clay Sci. 245, 107145.

Sjöstedt, C., Kristofferson, Å., Gustafsson, J.P., Heldele, A.-S., Kessler, V., Kleja, D.B. (2022)   "Evidence of the mineral ZnHAsO4⋅H2O, koritnigite, controlling As(V) and Zn(II) solubility in a multi-contaminated soil." Applied Geochemistry 140 (105301) (open access) Selected as Editor's choice.

Tiberg, C., Sjöstedt, C., Karlsson Fedje, K. (2021) Speciation of Cu and Zn in bottom ash from solid waste incineration studied by XAS, XRD, and geochemical modelling. Waste Management (open access)


Campos-Pereira, H., Kleja, D.B., Sjöstedt, C., Ahrens, L., Klysubun, W., Gustafsson, J.P. (2020) "The adsorption of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) onto ferrihydrite is governed by surface charge" Environmental Science & Technology 54, 24, 15722-15730. 


Sjöstedt, C., Löv, Å., Olivecrona, Z., Boye, K., Kleja, D.B. (2018) “Improved geochemical modeling of lead solubility in contaminated soils by considering colloidal fractions and solid phase EXAFS speciation” Applied Geochemistry 92, 110-120. (open access)


Tiberg, C., Sjöstedt, C., Gustafsson J.P. (2018) “Metal sorption to Spodosol Bs horizons: Organic matter complexes predominate” Chemosphere 196, 556-565. (open access)


Löv, Å., Sjöstedt, C., Larsbo, M., Persson, I., Gustafsson, J.P., Cornelis, G., Kleja, D. B. (2017) "Solubility and transport of Cr(III) in a historically contaminated soil – Evidence of a rapidly reacting dimeric Cr(III) organic matter complex" Chemosphere (open access)


Larsson, M. A., Persson, I., Sjöstedt, C. and Gustafsson, J.P. (2017). "Vanadate complexation to ferrihydrite: X-ray absorption spectroscopy and CD-MUSIC modelling". Environmental Chemistry.


Suresh Kumar, P., Flores, R.Q., Sjöstedt, C., and Önnby, L. (2016). “Arsenic adsorption by iron-aluminium hydroxide coated onto macroporous supports: Insights from X-ray absorption spectroscopy and comparison with granular ferric hydroxides”. Journal of Hazardous Materials 302, 166-174.


Herting, G., Jiang, T., Sjöstedt, C., and Odnevall Wallinder, I. (2014). ”Release of Si from silicon,a ferrosilicon (FeSi) Alloy and a synthetic silicate mineral in simulated biological media”. PLoS ONE 9(9): e107668.


Gustafsson, J.P., Persson, I., Geranmayeh Oromieh, A., van Schaik, J.W.J., Sjöstedt, C., and Berggren Kleja, D. (2014). “Chromium(III) complexation to natural organic matter: mechanisms and modeling”. Environmental Science & Technology 48 (3), 1753-1761.


Baken, S., Sjöstedt, C., Gustafsson, J.P., Seuntjens, P., Desmet, N., De Schutter, J., and Smolders, E. (2013). “Characterisation of hydrous ferric oxides derived from iron-rich groundwaters and their contribution to the suspended sediment of streams”. Applied Geochemistry 39, 59-68.


Tiberg, C., Sjöstedt, C., Persson, I., and Gustafsson, J.P. (2013). ”Phosphate effects on copper(II) and lead(II) sorption to ferrihydrite”. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 120, 140-157.


Sjöstedt, C., Persson, I., Hesterberg, D., Berggren Kleja, D., Borg, H., and Gustafsson, J.P. (2013). ”Iron speciation in soft-water lakes and soils as determined by EXAFS spectroscopy and geochemical modelling”. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 105, 172-186.


Sjöstedt, C.S., Köhler, S.J., and Gustafsson, J.P. (2010). ”Chemical equilibrium modeling of organic acids, pH, aluminium, and iron in Swedish surface waters”. Environmental Science and Technology 44, 8587-8593.


Researcher at the Department of Soil and Environment; Soil chemistry
Telephone: +4618673457, +46738442957
Postal address:
Box 7014
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala

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