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Cecilia Palmér

Cecilia Palmér


I am part of the Urban Vegetation group and work as a PhD student and lecturer specializing in plant knowledge, vegetation construction, and planting design. My teaching primarily revolves around plant identification and utilization of plants in urban environments.


I am involved in the project "Guidelines for Effective Communication with Private Garden Owners about Sweden's New Risk Classification of Alien Species," funded by Formas. This collaboration project between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Biosphere Reserves, and Lund University, aims to co-create evidence-based guidelines for how experts can communicate with garden owners. Our goal is to ensure that the communication contains the information the recipient needs for effective decision-making and is presented in a way that the recipient can access and understand. By integrating both factual information and the communication needs of recipients, we anticipate that expert communication will have a greater practical impact.

In addition, I am very interested in urban biodiversity and have been active in projects related to biodiversity in domestic gardens.

Selected publications

Palmér, C., Wallin, A., Persson, J., Aronsson, M., & Blennow, K. (2023). Effective communications on invasive alien species: Identifying communication needs of Swedish domestic garden owners. Journal of Environmental Management, 340, 117995.

Levinsson, A., Konijnendijk Van den Bosch, C., Fransson, AM., and Öxell, C. (2015). Visual assessment of establishment success in urban Prunus avium (L.) and Quercus rubra (L.) in relation to water status and morphological characteristics. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 14(2):218-224

Delshammar, T., Östberg, J. & Öxell, C. 2015. Urban Trees and Ecosystem Disservices – a Pilot Study Using Complaints Records from Three Swedish Cities. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry. 41(4): 187–193.


Doctoral Student, Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management
Telephone: +4640415153
Postal address:
Box 190
234 22 Lomma
Visiting address: Slottsvägen 5, Alnarp, Alnarp