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Chen Xing

Chen Xing
I am postdoctoral researcher in Chemistry (Separation Chemistry, Materials, Processes). My research is focused on development of treatment train for removing organic polluants and concentrating valuable materials from water.


My current research is focused on

  • Development of advanced treatment train for removing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) from water combining various methods such as membrane filtration, foam fractionation,ion exchange, etc. 
  • Sources, fate and transport of emerging organic pollutants in the environment such as PFASs and pharmaceuticals



SIDWater: Sustainable innovative drinking water treatment solutions for large-scale water supply and reuse, Formas


October 2018-October 2022

PhD Student of Chemistry at the Marcoule Institute in Separation Chemistry (ICSM) National School of Chemistry Montpellier (ENSCM)

Project-The recovery of uranium from surface waters by filtration process

July 2016-June 2018

Master of Engineering (Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Technology Engineering) in parallel with the engineering cycle (cycle d’ingénieur de l’école d'ingénieurs) at the Franco-Chinese Institute of Nuclear Energy (IFCEN), Sun Yat-sen University

Project-Concentrating uranium and lanthanides from waters by nano/ultra filtration process

Selected publications

  1. C Xing, B Bernicot, G Arrachart, S Pellet-Rostaing, 2023. Application of ultra/nano filtration membrane in uranium rejection from fresh and salt waters, Separation and Purification Technology, 314, 123543.
  2. Mossand G., Lelong E., Xing C., Ndebulia Watchou F., Leydier A., Arrachart G., Pellet-Rostaing S., 2023. Bis-Catecholamide-Based Materials for Uranium Extraction, ChemPlusChem, 88, e202300102.