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Christina Lundström

Christina Lundström
Project co-ordinator at the National Competence Centre for Advisory Services at SLU, Sweden.


I work as a researcher on the National Competence Centre for Advisory Services at SLU in Skara. Advisors and advisory services have an central role in the development of sustainable agriculture and the Competence Centre work with research, development, communication and education in relation to agriculture extension. In october 2016 I got my Licentiate degree on the thesis: Cognition and Decision-Making in the Adoption of Agricultural Decision Support Systems: The Case of Precision Agriculture.

Before starting my PhD I worked as a coordinator in the Swedish Network on Precision Agriculture (POS) for almost ten years in parallell with the work at the SLU.



Facilitating the adoption of agricultural innovations: The case of Yara N-sensor

The aim of this project is to take different actors perspectives in describing the process through which Yara N-sensor went from a decision support system used by a few early adopters to a well-known sensor used by extension services and authorities as a base for fertilisation recommendations during 1998 - 2016. During the winter 2015/2016 more Yara N-sensors than ever before were sold and K. Nissen, responsible for the sensor in the Nordic countries said: this year the stopper seems to have gone out … but as a single company you would never manage this on your own. This project aims to investigate how different factors have worked together over time to support the implementation, which solely has been seen in Sweden. The sensor will be used as a case study and theories as diffusion of innovation and extension science will be used to understand what is required in order to get technologies widely adopted.


I have a master of agriculture in crop production and have worked at the SLU since 2001. Before starting my PhD I combined working with pedagody in relation to food production with a committment as a coordinator in the Swedish network for precision agriculture.

Selected publications

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Lundström, C. & Lindblom, J. (submitted) Considering Farmers’ Situated Knowledge of Using Agricultural Decision Support Systems (AgriDSS) to Foster Sustainable Farming Practices: The Case of CropSAT.

Lindblom, J., Lundström, C., Ljung, M. & Jonsson, A. (2016). Promoting Sustainable Intensification in Precision Agriculture: Review of Decision Support Systems Development and Strategies. Precision Agriculture. DOI: 10.1007/s11119-016-9491-4

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Lundström, C., Lindblom, J., Ljung, M. & Jonsson, A. (2016). Sustainability as a governing principle in the use of agricultural decision support systems: The case of CropSAT. Paper presented at the IFSA Symposium, 12-15 July, Newport, Shropshire, UK.

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Researcher at the Institutionen för människa och samhälle
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