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Claire Wegner

Claire Wegner
PhD student at the Department of Animal Nutrition and Management. Currently studying welfare, sustainability and profitability in dairy management systems where cows and calves are kept together.


Born and raised on the Canadian west coast, I developed a strong passion for animal welfare and behaviour during the latter half of my undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia. During this time, I completed my first research project - a bachelor thesis that explored the effects of an outdoor, deep-bedded pack on gait score in dairy cattle. This eventually led to my pursuit of a Master's degree at SLU, where I had the opportunity to work within the ongoing project 'Cow and calf together'. More specifically, I investigated lying behaviour of cows that were housed in a freestall system with automatic milking, either with or without access to their calves.

My current work as a PhD student aims to furthur explore various aspects related to the management of cow-calf contact (CCC) systems, within the context of voluntary milking systems. This will include analysis of sensor and equipment data collected since the beginning of the project to evaluate behavioural and production parameters (i.e., milk yield, cross-suckling). Additionally, longer-term effects of CCC will be investigated, as all calves raised with access to their dams are followed through to the end of their first lactation.

To learn more about the project 'Cow and calf together', click here.


M.Sc. in Animal Science from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - Graduated 2021

B.Sc. in Applied Animal Biology (Honours) from the University of British Columbia - Graduated 2019



Doctoral Student at the Department of Animal Nutrition and Management; Management Ruminants
Postal address:
Box 7024
75007 Uppsala
Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala