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Daiana de Oliveira

Daiana De Oliveira
I am a researcher on Animal Welfare at the Department of Animal environment and health and I am also a teacher at the Animal Science Master program and lecturer in different courses at SLU. I hold a bachelor degree in Animal Science, Master in Animal Science and Production and a PhD in Ethology and Animal Welfare from São Paulo State University, Brazil.


I have a broad background in different areas such as animal nutrition, animal physiology, immunology and behaviour, so my focus has been to build bridges of knowledge that enhance the understanding of animal welfare.


As a teacher, I am deeply committed with scientific critical thinking and active learning process. I believe in an inclusive teaching, in the exercise of good communication and tolerance in my classes and freedom for creativity. My goal is to inspire the students to be the actors of their own learning, and do it with enthusiasm and joy.


During my PhD I was interested to assess the effects of tactile stimulation on the behaviour and body development of piglets and lambs and to understand the mechanisms of how this stimulus in sensitive periods can affect later life.

Building upon the idea that environmental stimulation can program early and long-term development, my current research agenda is centered on developing translational research which ties basic science to practical outcomes of individuals exposed to a positive and enriched early life environment. By applying an intrinsic interdisciplinary approach, I am to identify the underlying mechanisms of how these positive experiences can lead to improved health, performance, social and cognitive abilities and an overall well adapted domestic animal. Besides, I am to assess short and long term effects of early experiences throughout animal's productive life and formulate and validate practical solutions that can be applied in different husbandry conditions. As one step further on animal emotions field, my research aims to assess the benefits of pleasant experiences and how it is expressed by domestic animals in practical conditions. Ultimately my general research goal is to promote and support an overall positive and sustainable life quality at the farm.



Researcher at the Department of Animal Environment and Health; Section of Ethology and Animal Welfare
Telephone: +4618671730
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Institutionen för husdjurens miljö och hälsa
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Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala

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