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Daniel Nilsson

Daniel Nilsson
Senior Lecturer at the Department of Biosystems and Technology, Technology group


I have a Master’s degree in Agricultural engineering and I have been working as researcher and teacher at the Department of Energy and Technology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU) in Uppsala during 1991-2004. During 2005-2012, I was employed at the County Administrative Board of Blekinge as field inspector and energy and climate coordinator. After some further years as employed at SLU Uppsala, I started to work as senior lecturer at the Department of Biosystems and Technology at SLU Alnarp in the autumn of 2020. My main research topics concern systems analysis and simulation of harvest and handling of agricultural products and bioenergy fuels.


I teach in the following courses in the Agricultural and Rural Management program (the courses are in Swedish):

  • Växtproduktionens teknik och arbetsmiljö, TN0332, 7,5 hp.
  • Energisystem och energihushållning för landsbygdsföretag, TN0341, 7,5 hp.
  • Maskinteknik i lantbruket, TN0318, 15 hp.


My research mainly focuses on:

  • Dynamic simulation of field machine work in agriculture.
  • Logistics systems for the production and procurement of bioenergy.
  • Possible use of marginal arable land.
  • Balancing power from small-scale use of bio-based fuels.


  • Master of science in agricultural engineering in 1991
  • Doctor’s degree in 1999
  • Associate professor in technology in 2017

Selected publications

Nilsson, D., Rosenqvist, H. Bernesson, S. 2015. Profitability of the production of energy grasses on marginal agricultural land in Sweden. Biomass and Bioenergy, 83, 159-168.

Nilsson, D., Larsolle, A., Nordh, N-E. & Hansson, P-A. 2017. Dynamic modelling of cut-and-store systems for year-round deliveries of short rotation coppice willow. Biosystems Engineering, 159, 70-88.

Lagnelöv, O., Larsson, G., Nilsson, D., Larsolle, A & Hansson, P-A. 2020. Performance comparison of charging systems for autonomous electric field tractors using dynamic simulation. Biosystems Engineering, 194, 121-137.

Janke, L., McDonagh, S., Weinrich, S., Nilsson, D., Hansson, P-A., Nordberg, Å. 2020. Techno-economic assessment of demand-driven small-scale green hydrogen production for low carbon agriculture in Sweden. Frontiers in Energy Research, 8:595224. doi: 10.3389/fenrg.2020.595224.

Nilsson, D., Grönlund, Ö. & Iwarsson Wide, M. 2020. Kostnadseffektiva system för skörd av slybränslen. Rapport 155. Department of Energy and Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden. 81 p.

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