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Danny Chun Pong Lau

Danny C P Lau
My research interests are in food webs, biodiversity, and functioning of aquatic ecosystems, and their responses to climate change and other environmental stressors.


I am a researcher at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, Section for Ecology and Biodiversity.

My research focuses on food webs, biodiversity and functioning of aquatic ecosystems. I am particularly interested in their responses to anthropogenic stressors (e.g. eutrophication, acidification, brownification, atmospheric nitrogen deposition, etc.) and climate change. My studies cover a broad range of ecosystems including lakes, ponds, rivers, and coastal waters. I frequently apply ecological tracers such as fatty-acid biomarkers and stable isotopes to investigate ecosystem processes and food-web dynamics in the changing environment, and assess the ecological impacts of multiple stressors acting together across space and time. 


My current research includes:

Development of an indicator for the assessment of nutrient depletion on benthic algal assemblages in Arctic/alpine lakes - Lead

Rapid climate change is driving shifts in the nutritional quality of aquatic food webs across the circumpolar North - Collaborator

Ecological change in Arctic/alpine lakes – Food web effects of ongoing climate-change induced oligotrophication (ARCWEB) - Lead

How do stoichiometry and nutritional quality of plankton communities in coastal ecosystems alter with climate change? - Lead

Effects of browning of coastal waters on marine food web function and quality - Co-lead

REFINE – Improved assessment of climate impact and eutrophication in arctic lakes - Collaborator

Global change depletes pelagic food webs in northern lakes (Web4Food) - Collaborator

Species traits of benthic macroinvertebrates in Arctic freshwaters – temporal trends, latitudinal patterns, and the impacts of climate change - Collaborator

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Researcher leave of absence at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment; Division of Ecology and Biodiversity
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