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Deanne Redr

Deanne Redr
Currently I am working on a PhD under the supervision of Tomas Roslin, René Van Der Wal, and Mohammad Bahram. The project aims to examine climatic impacts on biological interactions central to plant productivity in the arctic ecosystem, through analysing its network structure.


I am interested in examining the mechanisms responsible for generating variation in arctic plant-mutualistic web structure. Specifically, how climate affects both nodes and links within mutualistic networks for plants and their associated pollinators, fungi and bacteria. The project I am working on utilizes time series analysis of arctic data spanning 25 years to examine how plant-pollinator species composition and interaction structure changes with the advancement of climate change.

By examining whether (and how) changes in ecosystem functioning such as the transport of pollen and plant biomass affect species interactions, better models can be made to predict alterations or emerging pattens in network structure. I am also fascinated by what makes species generalists vs. specialists, as well as the role functional traits play in the robustness and modularity of these networks. I have a soft spot for fungi and enjoy viewing networks from a "bottom-up" perspective of the fungal community involved.


I completed my Bachelor’s degree at University of Washington in Seattle USA, where I focused primarily on plant physiology and ecology. There, I developed a strong interest in fungi and moved to Sweden to pursue a Master’s degree at Uppsala University. I was supervised under Anders Dahlberg and Audrius Menkis at SLU for my degree project concerning the population genetics of the rare and endangered oak fungus Hapalopilus croceus. I then continued my work as a research assistant for three years, examining changes in young and ancient oak fungal communities following veteranisation, and deciduous endophyte communities in Norway.

Selected publications

Cirtwill, A.R., Kaartinen R., Rasmussen C., Redr D., Wirta H., Olesen J.M., Tiusanen M. et al., 2022. Stable pollination service in a generalist High Arctic community despite the warming climate. Ecological Monographs, e1551. 

Menkis, A., Redr, D., Bengtsson, V., Hedin, J., Niklasson, M., Nordén, B. and Dahlberg, A., 2020. Endophytes dominate fungal communities in six-year-old veteranisation wounds in living oak trunks. Fungal Ecology, p.101020.

Redr, D., Dahlberg, A., Stenlid, J., Sunhede, S., Vasaitis, R. and Menkis, A., 2020. The mating type system of the rare polypore Hapalopilus croceus. Fungal Ecology, 45, p.100941.


I am also an artist in my spare time. I paint with watercolor and also use pen & ink to create detailed portraits, landscapes, and botanical studies.


Doctoral Student leave of absence at the Department of Ecology; NJ, Insect Ecology Unit
Postal address:
Inst för ekologi, Box 7044
756 51 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls Väg 16, Uppsala