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Delphine Lariviere

PhD Student in Forest management: Biodiversity and Thinning


I am one of the 6 PhD student of the FRAS “future silviculture in southern Sweden” research program. My PhD focus on biodiversity management in forest thinning. I work both at SLU (Alnarp) and Skogforsk (Ekebo).


It’s been almost 3 decades since the forestry act came into the picture. Swedish Forestry management has evolved and started to integrate retention forestry as one of the strategy available for conservation management in Swedish forests. FSC and PEFC pushed forward some new regulations as well and numerous new features appeared on clear cut ( retention areas, single alive or dead trees, Buffer zones, Standing dead wood…). All this “post-forestry act” stands became quite different than regular monoculture; and these stands are today entering first thinning phase. Unfortunately there is no digital information about how much and what are the quality of this retention before the 2000’s because digitalization was not yet available.

My PhD research is based on 2 main axes. One part is about developing a model to locate the retention investments made between 1993-2000 thanks to the 2009- 2018 tree height raster (Trädhöjd) available at the Swedish Forest Agency (Skogstyrelsen). We are working on stand level for now and trying to develop a model that highlight potential retention tree standing out from the average stand height. We are also trying to use the difference between the 2 laser scanning occasions (2009 & 2018) to simultaneously detect retention tree, lower or blending with the crop average tree height.

The other axe of my research focus on how to manage one type of retention (Old oaks) for long temporal effect. We extensively studied the effect of release cutting around such tree and the impact of both production and biodiversity conservation. More specifically we studied vegetation, oak vitality and saproxylic beetle within a decade to illustrate the faith of such investment with or without proper management.



FRAS project - Future Silviculture in Southern Sweden in cooperation with Linnaeus University (LNU), Skogforsk and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)


- LUND UNIVERSITY - Biologi, Naturvård och bevarandebiologi - Masterprogram

- MONTPELLIER (2012) - Master of Science in Ecology, biodiversity management.

- LILLE 1 - Bachelor in Biology of organisms and population


Main supervisor :Emma Holmström (SLU Alnarp) 

Co-supervisors :Jan-Olov Weslien, Line Djupström (Skogforsk, Uppsala ),Babs Stuiver (Sveaskog).


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