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Eirini Lamprini Daouti

Eirini Lamprini Daouti
I am a PhD student in the department of ecology interested in community ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem services. Specifically, I am studying the ecosystem service of weed seed predation in agricultural fields.


For my PhD project, I will try to improve our understanding around weed seed predation and assess its importance for weed control in cereal fields. My PhD project is a collaboration between five European countries and we aim to develop the scientific background to design effective weed integrated pest management solutions, which will support weed predators’ biodiversity while mitigating herbicides environmental effects.

In general, my research interests focus on projects like this one, which emphasizes the interconnection between species, ecosystems and anthropogenic interference. I chose this research area because I believe there is a critical need for sustainable agriculture, which will assure food security and greater crop productivity while reducing the environmental impacts of chemical use in agricultural practices.

I am part of the ecosystem services and conservation research team in the Ecology department of SLU in Uppsala and for this project, I work in collaboration with Mattias Jonsson, Riccardo Bommarco, Giulia Vico and Benjamin Feit.


I obtained a tertiary education in applied biology from the University of Ioannina, Greece where I worked closely with the reproduction dynamics of the Killifish (Aphanius fasciatus) in the Venice lagoon. Throughout my Masters in the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå. Sweden, I had the unique opportunity to work with an apex predator, the Golden Eagle and explore its population dynamics. Using citizen science data, I studied the species’ survival, breeding performance and the factors that it is influenced by in the boreal Swedish forest. During those projects, I was amazed on how the strength of different interactions reflect into the ecological processes and the mechanisms employed by organisms in order to survive.


Doctoral Student at the Department of Ecology; NJ, Agricultural Entomology Unit
Telephone: +4618672049
Postal address:
Inst för Ekologi, Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls väg 16, Uppsala