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Elisabeth Jonas

Elisabeth Jonas
Researcher, Associate Professor Quantitative Genetics


My main research interest is the analysis of complex traits using molecular and quantitative genetics tools. The main focus of my work had been on livestock species such as pigs and sheep, however I am also working on the possibilities of novel breeding tools in crop breeding.

My main projects are at the moment rather diverse. I have been working on genomic selection in oats, the simulation of an integration of genome edited animals in breeding programs, the improvement of leg health in sows and the investigation of diversity in pigs. I am interested in research in small ruminants (goat, sheep). I have also been part of an Economy group at the Veterinary Faculty with a great collaboration with the Kompetenscentrum företagsledning, KCF.


I am teaching in different modules related to genetics and breeding (BSc, MSc, PhD).

”Animalieproduktion – Idisslare” (Breeding, sheep); "Animalieproduktion – akvakultur, fjäderfä och gris (Pig breeding)", “Genome analysis course” (QTL analysis I &II, GWAS); Populationsmedicin (Pig breeding); Avel I; R-course; Reproducibility in research


In my current work I am focusing on a project on leg health in pigs which has been financed by a Formas Welfare grant. I am also part of a larger research infrastructure project for pig research facilities finances by the EU. Otherwise, I work on small projects in goat or sheep and genetic diversity.


Before this I worked mostly on the Mistra Biotech project. The aim of my assignment was the development of tools for the implementation of Genomic Selection into Crop breeding (CP2). I furthermore collaborated with other researchers on a project on the use of genome modified farm animals. These collaborations are still ongoing and work is to be continued.


I have studied Agricultural Sciences at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn (Germany). I then continued my research on the genetic background of the inherited inverted teat defect in pigs at the Institute of Animal Sciences. After one year of postdoctoral studies at the same Institute, I joined the ReproGen-Bioscience group at the University of Sydney, where I stayed until 2012. I started my current position at SLU in March 2012. Since 2016 I am docent in quantiative genetics.



2016-2020: Gabriela Bottani (PhD): “Phenotypic and genetic characterization, conservation and breeding programs of Creole cattle in Cochabamba and Tarija (Bolivia)“ (SIDA project, San Simon University, Bolivia) [Associate Supervisor]      

2015-2020: Hadeer Aboshady (PhD): “Parasite resistance in goats and other small ruminants” [Supervisor]

2013-2017: Christina Rochus (PhD): “Population structure, genetic diversity and genetics of coat colour in sheep“ [Associate Supervisor]


2019-2021: J. Makuza (MSc, University Rwanda)

2015-2016: H. Raser (MSc, Boku Wienna, Austria)

2007: M. Engel (Dipl. Ing agr)

2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020: different students BSc Animal Science SLU

Selected publications

Aboshady, H, Jonas, E., Johansson AM, Bambou, J-C: Immunoglobulins as Biomarkers for Gastrointestinal Nematodes Resistance in Small Ruminants: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Scientific reports. 10, 7765 (2020).

Rochus C M, Jonas E, Johansson A M (2020): Population structure of five native sheep breeds of Sweden estimated with high density SNP genotypes. BMC Genetics 21: 27

Bottani Claros, G,  Jonas, E, Beltran JR, Strandberg, E (2019) Description of the production and management system of the Creole cattle from Pasorapa, Bolivia. Accepted Livestock Research for Rural Development Journal.

Eriksson S, Jonas E, Rydhmer L, Röcklinsberg H (2018): Invited Review: Breeding and ethical perspectives on genetically modified cattle. J. Dairy Science 101(1): 1-17

Jonas E, Fikse F, Rönnegård L, Flavia Mouresan E (2018): Genomic selection. In: Population Genomics. Springer, Cham. DOI

Jonas E, Rydhmer L (2018): Effect of candidate genes for maternal behavior on piglet survival and growth. Livestock Science 207C: 83-90 DOI:

Neuditschko M, Raadsma HW, Khatkar MS, Jonas E, Steinig EJ, Flury C, Signer-Hasler H, Frischknecht M, von Niederhäusern R, Leeb T, Rieder S (2017): Identification of key contributors in complex population structures. Plos One 12(5): e0177638.

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