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Ellinor Ramberg

Ellinor Ramberg
I am a PhD student with focus on prescribed burning as a conservation tool in boreal forests. In my thesis I am examining when, where and how prescribed burning should be applied to best benefit biodiversity. A deeper understanding of these questions can aid in creating evidence based conservation management plans of boreal forests.


I am interested in forest ecology and management, ranging from specific species to landscape dynamics. Natural disturbance regimes, human impact and restoration measures are some of the subjects that I am intrigued by. I am fascinated by fire and the ability it has to tranform forest landscapes. Fire is a natural disturbance that has been nearly eradicated from nordic boreal forest and lack thereof has led to loss of key structures and forest heterogeneity. As a result many species are threatened. Prescribed fires are used as a conservation measure with the aim of restoring forest structures and heterogeneity, benefiting biodiversity. However, many questions still remain regarding the effectiveness of these prescribed fires. My PhD aims to answer some of these questions. 


I have masters degree in ecology and nature conservation from Uppsala University. I mixed ecology and limnology courses to gain further insight into larger landscape dynamics. In my master thesis I looked at the transfer of fatty acids from aquatic ecosystems to terrestiral ecosystems with spiders as vectors in riparian zones. 

I did by bacholer studies at SLU in biology. In my thesis I built a prototype database for swedish forest fires and illustrated how such a database could be used for conservation management. 


Joachim Strengbom

Mari Jönsson 

Thomas Ranius 

Selected publications

Ramberg, Ellinor, Berglund, Håkan, Penttilä, Reijo, Strengbom, Joachim, and Jönsson, Mari. 2023. “ Prescribed Fire is an Effective Restoration Measure for Increasing Boreal Fungal Diversity.” Ecological Applications e2892.

Ramberg, E.; Burdon, F.J.; Sargac, J.; Kupilas, B.; Rîşnoveanu, G.; Lau, D.C.P.; Johnson, R.K.; McKie, B.G. 2020. The Structure of Riparian Vegetation in Agricultural Landscapes Influences Spider Communities and Aquatic-Terrestrial Linkages. Water 12(10), 2855;

Burdon, F.J.; Ramberg, E.; Sargac, J.; Forio, M.A.E.; de Saeyer, N.; Mutinova, P.T.; Moe, T.F.; Pavelescu, M.O.; Dinu, V.; Cazacu, C.; Witing, F.; Kupilas, B.; Grandin, U.; Volk, M.; Rîşnoveanu, G.; Goethals, P.; Friberg, N.; Johnson, R.K.; McKie, B.G. 2020. Assessing the Benefits of Forested Riparian Zones: A Qualitative Index of Riparian Integrity Is Positively Associated with Ecological Status in European Streams. Water 12(4), 1178;

Ramberg, E., Strengbom, J. & Granath, G. 2018. Coordination through databases can improve prescribed burning as a conservation tool to promote forest biodiversity. Ambio 47, 298–306.


Doctoral Student at the Department of Ecology; S, Conservation Biology Unit
Telephone: +46735824821
Postal address:
Inst för Ekologi, Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls Väg 16, Uppsala