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Erik Steen Jensen

Erik Steen Jensen


Research areas

Development and assessment of sustainable and multifunctional cropping systems for food, feed and biomass for the bio-based economy
Ecosystem services from legumes and diversified cropping systems
Crop production and carbon-nitrogen cycling in organic and integrated system.


  • Agroecology and sustainability of production systems (MSc Agroecology, lecturer, examiner)
  • Sustainable soil management in agroecosystems (LMP, lecturer, examiner)
  • Crop production (LMP, lecturer)


MSc in agronomy (crop production) 1980, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (now Copenhagen University)
PhD (plant nutritional physiology) 1986, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
DSc (soil science) 1997, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University



Professor at the Institutionen för biosystem och teknologi
Telephone: 040-415035
Work description: agroecology, sustainable development, multifunctionality, cropping systems, diversification of cropping systems, intercropping, nutrient cycling, organic agriculture, legumes, symbiotic nitrogen fixation, feedstock for the bio-based economy, stable isotopes
Postal address:
Biosystem och Teknologi, Box 103
230 53 ALNARP
Visiting address: Sundsvägen 16, Alnarp

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