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Evgenij Telezhenko

Evgenij Telezhenko
Researcher at the Unit of Animal Environment and Building Function at the Department of Biosystems and Technology


I am teaching about different floors for farm animals at the course Animal Production I, and about animal breeding at the course Animal Production III at the Agriculture and Rural Management – Bachelor´s programme


System solutions for different flooring systems with emphasis för animal welfare, behaviour, health (claw health in particular) and working environment.

Current projects:


PhD in Animal Science, SLU, 2007

Selected publications

Telezhenko E, Magnusson M, Bergsten C. 2017. Gait of dairy cows on floors with different slipperiness. Journal of Dairy Science 100, 6494-6503.

Telezhenko, E. von Keyserlingk, M. A. G., Talebi, A., Weary, D. M. 2012. Effect of pen size, group size, and stocking density on activity in freestall-housed dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science, 95(6):3064-3069.

Telezhenko, E. 2009. Measurements of spatial gait parameters from footprints of dairy cows. Animal, 3, 1746-1753.

Telezhenko, E., Bergsten, C., Magnusson, M., Ventorp, M., Nilsson, C. 2008. Effect of different flooring systems on weight and pressure distribution on claws of dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science, 91, 1874-1884.

Telezhenko, E., Bergsten, C. 2005. Influence of floor type on the locomotion of dairy cows.  Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 93, 183-197.

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