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Faraz Muneer

Faraz Muneer
Currently, I am holding a full-time permanent Researcher position at the Department of Plant Breeding, SLU, Alnarp. I am a highly motivated academic researcher with a strong background in Agricultural Sciences with a special focus on product quality. I am part of a larger research group with more than 35 people consisting of researchers, postdocs, and PhD students with a research focus on agronomy, plant breeding, biorefining, and food processing. My research focuses on developing innovative tools and methods to efficiently use agricultural side streams, with a specific emphasis on biorefining processes, product quality, biobased material applications, and food processing. I am dedicated to exploring sustainable approaches that leverage agricultural products and by-products to produce high-value outputs, emphasizing energy-efficient practices. I have strong competence and interest in plant proteins, their processability, and structural and functional behavior in food and biobased material applications.


- Plant proteins and their structural-functional relationship

- Use of agricultural side-streams for food and feed applications

- Biorefining of green biomass

- Functional materials from plant proteins (e.g. superabsorbent and nanofibers)


Teaching in different Masters level courses


Grants and projects

- Coordinator, for a development Research grant of 4 500 000 from Swedish Research Council in 2022-2024. 

Title: Pearl millet biofortification towards health improvement and food security for vulnerable people living in the west part of Sudan.

- Co-Applicant for a funded competitive Research Grant of 6 000 000 SEK from Formas, in 2022-2024. Key Researcher and responsible for WP2 and 3.

Title: Nutritious, tasty, and health-promoting novel wheat products

- Coordinator, Main Applicant for a funded competitive Research Grant of 500,000 SEK from Partnerskap Alnarp in 2020. 

Title: Production of completely biodegradable and compostable planting pots for growing horticultural and ornamental crops



Co-supervisor: PhD student (2)

Supervision: Masters student (4)

Selected publications

JOHANSSON, E., MUNEER, F*. & PRADE, T. 2023. Plant Breeding to Mitigate Climate Change—Present Status and Opportunities with an Assessment of Winter Wheat Cultivation in Northern Europe as an Example. Sustainability, 15, 12349.

CAPEZZA, A. J.,* NEWSON, W. R., MUNEER, F., JOHANSSON, E., CUI, Y., HEDENQVIST, M. S., OLSSON, R. T. & PRADE, T. 2023. Greenhouse gas emissions of biobased diapers containing chemically modified protein superabsorbents. Journal of Cleaner Production, 387, 135830.

MUNEER, F., HEDENQVIST, M. S., & KUKTAITE, R.* 2022. Are ultrafine submicron sized gliadin fibrous materials suitable as bio-absorbents? Processing and post-treatment derived structures and functional properties. Reactive and Functional Polymers, 181, 105444.

MUNEER, F.,* HEDENQVIST, M. S., HALL, S. & KUKTAITE, R. 2022. Innovative Green Way to Design Biobased Electrospun Fibers from Wheat Gluten and These Fibers’ Potential as Absorbents of Biofluids. ACS Environmental Au, 2, 232-241.

MUNEER, F.,* HOVMALM, H. P., SVENSSON, S.-E., NEWSON, W. R., JOHANSSON, E. & PRADE, T. 2021. Economic viability of protein concentrate production from green biomass of intermediate crops: A pre-feasibility study. Journal of Cleaner Production, 294, 126304.

PRADE, T.,* MUNEER, F.,* BERNDTSSON, E., NYNÄS, A.-L., SVENSSON, S.-E., NEWSON, W. R. & JOHANSSON, E. 2021. Protein fractionation of broccoli (Brassica oleracea, var. Italica) and kale (Brassica oleracea, var. Sabellica) residual leaves — A pre-feasibility assessment and evaluation of fraction phenol and fibre content. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 130, 229-243. (Shared first author)

CAPEZZA, A. J.* MUNEER, F., PRADE, T., NEWSON, W. R., DAS, O., LUNDMAN, M., OLSSON, R. T., HEDENQVIST, M. S. & JOHANSSON, E.* 2021. Acylation of agricultural protein biomass yields biodegradable superabsorbent plastics. Communications Chemistry, 4, 52.

MUNEER, F.,* JOHANSSON, E., HEDENQVIST, M. S., PLIVELIC, T. S. & KUKTAITE, R. 2019. Impact of pH Modification on Protein Polymerization and Structure–Function Relationships in Potato Protein and Wheat Gluten Composites. International journal of molecular sciences, 20, 58.

MUNEER, F., JOHANSSON, E., HEDENQVIST, M. S., PLIVELIC, T. S., MARKEDAL, K. E., PETERSEN, I. L., SØRENSEN, J. C. & KUKTAITE, R.* 2018. The impact of newly produced protein and dietary fiber rich fractions of yellow pea (Pisum sativum L.) on the structure and mechanical properties of pasta-like sheets. Food Research International, 106, 607-618.

MUNEER, F.,* ANDERSSON, M., KOCH, K., HEDENQVIST, M. S., GÄLLSTEDT, M., PLIVELIC, T. S., MENZEL, C., RHAZI, L. & KUKTAITE, R. 2016. Innovative Gliadin/Glutenin and Modified Potato Starch Green Composites: Chemistry, Structure, and Functionality Induced by Processing. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 4, 6332-6343.

MUNEER, F.,* ANDERSSON, M., KOCH, K., MENZEL, C., HEDENQVIST, M. S., GÄLLSTEDT, M., PLIVELIC, T. S. & KUKTAITE, R. 2015. Nanostructural Morphology of Plasticized Wheat Gluten and Modified Potato Starch Composites: Relationship to Mechanical and Barrier Properties. Biomacromolecules, 16, 695-705.

MUNEER, F.,* JOHANSSON, E., HEDENQVIST, M. S., GÄLLSTEDT, M. & NEWSON, W. R. 2014. Preparation, Properties, Protein Cross-Linking and Biodegradability of Plasticizer-Solvent Free Hemp Fibre Reinforced Wheat Gluten, Glutenin, and Gliadin Composites. BioResources, 9, 5246-5261.



Researcher at the Department of Plant Breeding
Postal address:
Växtförädling, Box 190
234 22 LOMMA
Visiting address: Sundsvägen 10, Alnarp

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